It’s funny, now that I don’t need to write, I want to. It hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m done school. Done!

Well, for a few weeks.

Ah well, I’ll enjoy my freedom while I have it. Hopefully. :) Of course, freedom hardly counts when your ass is tied down to your job and various screwy shifts for the next while. Thankfully, I don’t have to do that whole 10 a.m. until whenever shift tomorrow, so that’s a nice break. Of course, I just found that out now, at quarter to five in the afternoon. I guess it’s a good thing I came in late today, ‘cause otherwise however would my boss have been able to tell me? Argh. I just have to train on it, and somehow retain that training for a year, the next time it’ll likely happen that I’ll need to do it. Riiiiight.

I’m not in the best of moods right now. I have the feeling that one of the receptionists from work got rather… suggestive at the party on Saturday night while smoking a cigar. Or something. And I think she did it to the coworker. This is something that’s been going on for awhile; I’d bet money he’d fuck her in a minute if she offered. And I’d bet money she’d offer if she thought she could get away with it. Big deal, eh? Only thing is… she’s married. :P Apparently that hasn’t stopped her from doing some other rather questionable things, according to J the ex-security guard who used to be my friend.

Ah. Well.

I don’t give a fuck. S’not my life, s’not my fuckups. Just annoying, nonetheless.

It’s basically the presence of the tool that’s annoying me.


Met up with K today for some hanging out and chatting. We went through the small food court in the mall, and as we passed this older gentleman standing in line at the Burger King, he growled at us.

We laughed, as did the girls behind us, but we also decided that not enough people growl at you in public, so we’re going to start doing so. At least, I will. Maybe every time someone I don’t like is around. Hehehe.

Got the rest of Moose’s Christmas gift, all I have left now is the rest of Mom’s and the rest of Markuk’s. Then… finito! So, I finish school stuff and I finish Christmas shopping around the same time. But, I’m also broke and in debt. Urgh.

I remembered the dream I had last night. I was with someone from work, and goes by his initials (which should be hint enough for Char and Vicki), and for some reason it was summertime and he was walking me to my house and we were slightly comparing sexual practices. We both (in my dream at least), admitted to being bottoms, and he was all impressed to hear that, ‘cause I guess (in my dreamworld), he hadn’t met many other bottoms. Or something. It didn’t really matter, ‘cause he’s also not interested in me for many reasons, chief among them that he’s gay. There, I think that tells you who he is. :)

Weird that I’ve been having so many dreams involving coworkers lately. Well, a whole two. Nonetheless… not usual for me. Ah well, still funny.

Hrm. Weird trying to classify how I feel right now about the coworker. I don’t hate him exactly, but I wouldn’t be upset if he never came into work again. In fact, I think I would enjoy work somewhat more. :)

Tomorrow Markuk is flying in, and today Jay is getting into town, and another buddy of mine shows up soon. Whee for friends being here! Reminds me, I have to call the twins and see if they’re around. I love hanging out with them. :)

Anyhow, since I don’t have anything important to say, I guess I’ll finish this now. I think tonight I’m going to have fun just relaxing, playing WarCraft III, and maybe writing tomorrow’s article. Or some porn, or some novel goodness. Maybe catching up on some of those emails that have been sent to me.

I’ll be so busy… and bored. Talk to me on my chat programs, please! :)

Oh yeah… and you know how sometimes someone asks you something, but you tell a white lie, or an evasion so as not to hurt their feelings? I don’t lie completely, not with a direct question, but I will sometimes try to fudge things slightly. Every now and then, the bitch side of me is really tempted to just out and out be honest. Like, “Yes, you do talk about that every time we talk, and it’s actually really annoying. Stop being desperate, stop being like that, and you’ll find someone.” Mind, I guess people have probably wanted to say the same thing to me a few times over, so I try to keep that karma balanced. ;) I’m nicer than some people think!

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