Let's see, more recap.

Had a nice long lunch with Markuk yesterday, ran into someone who used to work with the pizza guy. Got my Christmas shopping finished (finally!) -- just had to pick up one final thing for Markuk, which I did in the evening, as well as my super-huge size bottle of Baileys and I gave Mark/Greg/Madeleine some cinnamon buns, 'cause they didn't have enough baked goods around with the lovely cookies Mad was making.

Work wasn't very exciting, just had a lot to get done. I did it in pretty good time, though. Afterwards, did some final shopping, then headed over to the house. Markuk and I watched Bruce Campbell vs. the Army of Darkness, during which I fell asleep -- which sucks, 'cause I like the movie. When it was over, we went downstairs to his room to check out his purchases over the last few days (mucho clothing shopping and such), then I was off to Ben and Mark's.

I was reminded today that I hate other people's alarm clocks (much as I hate my own), and I hate snooze buttons. A lot. There is nothing more frustrating (okay, so there is, but what the hell) than just managing to fade off to sleep again and then hearing the alarm go off again. It's especially frustrating when it's someone else's alarm, because I either stay mostly awake anticipating hearing it again, or they're used to hearing it, so they don't shut it off as quickly as I want it to be shut off. That's the one thing that'll generally galvanyze me into action; hearing an alarm going off somewhere. I'll usually bolt out of bed and stumble around as if drunk, in an effort to find the obnoxious noise and shut it off.

Funny story: when I went to visit my grandparents this August past, I was sleeping in my Nanny's sewing room, and around 3 in the morning something started buzzing. Now, I'd been deeply asleep at this point, so I didn't have a bloody clue what it was, or where it was coming from. Half-asleep, I'm stumbling about where I think the noise is coming from, and the best my brain could come up with at that hour was the television on the table, which wasn't even plugged in. I unplugged the power supply, but still the noise continued (big surprise), and finally my senses noted the tiny little alarm clock on the shelf. Shut that off, and back to sleep I went.

Did I mention this happened after a 13-hour car trip that day? Oh yeah, that's partly why I was so stupid at that hour. :P

I've also tried to answer the phone before when my alarm has gone off. That's always kinda funny, too.

I get mean when someone else's alarm is going off and they don't shut it off. The pizza guy used to be awful for that; I'd shove him a few times before he'd get up, and his alarm was the most obnoxious thing I've ever heard. :P

Ah well, no worries. If only I could find Ben's gift, I'd be a much happier person. I guess there's something to be said for cleaning my room once in awhile... although it's made hiding things very easy these last few weeks.

Time to scavenge up some food and dig up the room. I haven't forgotten about articles and whatnot; those'll be on their way shortly (hopefully).

Ah ha, found Ben's gift. Sweetness. :)

Off to do my final wrapping then.

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