More funny things I've heard:

"It's a shame you can't come." (said right after I just finished a really nice, intense orgasm.
"Uhhh... I just did."
"Oh well, you said you were quiet, I didn't think you meant that quiet." (Having been somewhat loud, or so I thought)

...and in the same vein...

(after having just spent a few minutes choking back what would have normally been screams and enjoying myself rather well) "Okay, we'd better stop."
"Were you close?"
"Uhhh... there was a whole bunch of orgasm wrapped up in all that."
"Oh, okay."

My thesis for my article, if I can develop it properly (i.e., with the right amount of humour): "Every good day involves someone making fun of your orgasm face." ;)

And on a totally unrelated note... a happy birthday goes out to my good friend Markolopolous, who today joins the ranks of the old and farty. Happy birthday sweetie. :)

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