Spent last night chatting with Charmaine, which is always great. She and I can have really thoughtful conversations, or really funny ones. I was tired and feeling stupid (even worse today), so I and then she and I were mocking a bunch of our coworkers for awhile, right in front of my trainee, who probably thinks I'm a total bitch. We weren't coming up with anything new -- aside from the "this one hit on me" "oh yeah? this other one hit on me" kinds of tales -- but it was still funny. Fuck it was funny. :)

We also spent about an hour talking about the various guys at the station we could bone. One of my show hosts came out during that time, I kinda censored myself, Char didn't, he laughed and said we were just as awful as guys. Makes work an awful lot more fun when you have friends there. I like working weekends for people like Charmaine and Vicki, when I get to see them.

L appears to have rescinded his offer, but there's a possible one from K downstairs. It's in that questionable joking phase -- where I'm questioning myself, "Is he joking, or is he serious?" My coworker J says if I offered, he'd take me up on it, but I get a vague player vibe off this guy. I feel as if, if any girl offered, he'd accept. I'm comfortable right now with just a fuck friends relationship in some circumstances, but if I have one, I want it to be because the guy is thinking, "Yeah, I like Jen, she's cool and I want to sleep with her, I just don't want her as a gf," rather than, "Yeah, I'll fuck Jen 'cause she offered." I want to be special without being seriously special, or something like that. :)

I watched 13 Conversations About One Thing last night with Mark, after getting to help him and Mandy close down the store. I've helped a number of my friends at their jobs, it's weird. I'm trained to be so many different kinds of monkey. :) I hadn't planned to stay there the whole time, thought I'd chill at Ben's place with him for a bit, but he didn't call until later anyhow, so I didn't really have anywhere to go. Gave Mandy a lift home, then got to say night to Ben. Checked out my sites, emailed someone who'd posted a comment on Whore's Boudoir, then waited. And waited. Finally, after 2, put on the flick. It was interesting, kept tying back to other characters, which was likely the point. It starts more or less at the end then goes back and forwards. Not very easy to watch when you're really tired and such.

Sorry, this post isn't making much sense either, since I'm still tired. Mom woke me up at 12 to give me my bonds. I remembered just now that I had a dream last night, and I was thinking of it when I was in the shower, but now I can't remember what it was. It was weird, though.

Ah well, off to try on my sister's dress for Friday's dinner. If it doesn't fit or I don't like the way it looks, I might just go with my grad dress. I can't really justify buying a new one, although R did mention a store downtown that carries nice stuff. I might check it out later in the week.

I've heard a few people say that so-and-so's blog is awesome, and it makes me wonder, "What's wrong with mine?" Not that they've said anything is, but I don't hear people say it. Maybe they're saying it to other people who link to my blog. Maybe I'm just all super paranoid and should realize that what I write here is rarely (okay, never) genius, and that plenty of people as it is get some sort of pleasure out of reading it, so I should just relax. :P :)

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