Tonight went well; ended up getting the written portion of the paper done, so my partner said I didn't have to come over. I was on my way downtown anyhow, so I wound up just going to work and chatting with Mark and Mark from there, until I went and got together with some of the gang. Some goofing around, some comments about me writing porn starring various men from the gang together, stuff like that. :)

I've been stupid since about... oh, 4 this afternoon. :P Getting about 20 hours of sleep across four days will do that to you, really. Urgh. The last two nights in particular have been pretty awful, so I'm going to bed early and sleeping as long as I can. I'll dye the hair tomorrow morning. ;)

Otherwise, tomorrow entails a trip to the porn store, work, and polishing the format on the paper. Nice, easy night.

And I'll continue to watch Storm try to kill Dr. Seuss. What a knob this fish is. :P :)

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