I just watched Fishie the Unnamed pull a fish flake down and then chase it to the bottom of the tank before he ate it. Funky cool. ;)

Dr. Seuss and Johnny Storm appear to like the little pellets now -- I think the problem was just that I was giving them too many, 'cause the other ones they were eating previously were smaller, so they could eat more. These ones are larger, so they fill up now. Now I give them two instead of three or four, and they eat them both. Fishie the Unnamed didn't appear to care much for the pellets, so he gets the flakes. Dr. Seuss and Johnny Storm weren't enthused about the flakes, so they stay on pellets.

Isn't my life fascinating?

I have a massive essay/update planned, but no time at the moment and no motivation last night to write it. Of course, this morning when I have the motivation, I don't have the time. Urgh. :P

Here are a few highlights that I want to hit, right off the top of my head (more of this is written in my planner, too):
* Men with mullets
* Being picked up on the bus
* The dog
* The work situation

...And here is when my brain has shut off and I can't think of anything else.

I have mystery novel today, so I'm looking forward to seeing all the reading I'll have to do for this class. I'm bringing Moose to it, or he's accompanying me to the class. I'm hoping the prof doesn't keep us for the whole time (unlike my prof from last night, when everything we covered aside from "thunder questions" was review from the last class I took with him), especially as we won't have read anything, so there's really nothing to discuss. I hope I like the prof, too -- I already plan to drop one of my courses in exchange for any other elective, I don't want to try to trade two. :P

Anyhow, must be off. More to show up later. :)

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