Interesting email I just got:

From: jono
To: litterboxjen@yahoo.ca
Subject: wanna cyber?
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 22:43:06 -0500

hey, do you want to cyber or not?!

I've been kind and removed some of the email address. I love how the tone of it is frustrated, like I've been teasing this person with the promise of cyber for the last while, but didn't carry through. :)

Ah well… today was pretty dull. Didn’t have much to do at work, so I chatted with a few coworkers and had fun that way. One of them gave me a candy, so that was nice. I decided it was too cold to go to my class today (located at the ass end of campus, far from where I was located), so I called up Ben and we got together for dinner (this is the shortened version of the story), where I determined that we must be the two geekiest people on the planet: he was drawing out math equations on the paper tablecloth (they give you crayons for the purpose), and I wrote out my Whore’s Boudoir URL for people to visit.

Yeah, yeah, shut up – we’re both losers, I know.

Our waiter was a bit … eh, down at first when he introduced himself to us. As he walked away, I said he was on pot – I was feeling goofy and dumb. When he came back, he was a lot friendlier, which I took as the sign to tell Ben after the guy left again that yes, indeed, our waiter was on pot – at least, now he was. :) I got to fill out the comments card at the end, and the waiter seemed to enjoy the insults that Ben and I were tossing back and forth (yes, of *course* I’m shorter than 10 cubits! Or 12!), and I had the privilege of writing under the “Other comments” section: “I had fun tonight, except for my dining companion.” *grin*

The comparison in our appetites was somewhat funny, although I must admit that I just wasn’t feeling especially hungry, since I’d eaten popcorn on the bus ride home, then some chips at home. Ben ate some chicken wings (like, 4) and a decent amount of chips before we went for dinner… then at dinner, we both had milkshakes (chocolate-coloured, but vanilla-flavoured), and I managed a half of a chicken quesadilla, which was an appetizer on the menu; Ben on the other hand, put away a full rack of back ribs, half of his fries (and there were a *lot*), and chunks of the mile-high mud pie. I helped somewhat on the pie, but not very effectively.

I’ve signed up for a number of registration sites with WB in order to hopefully generate some more traffic; we’ll see if anything comes of it.

Anyhow, for the most part, the day was pretty quiet. I played a bunch of Luigi’s Mansion on Mark and Ben’s new GameCube, and had fun with it. If you push the A button when Luigi isn’t near anything, he hollers for Mario in different tones of voice. He also hums to himself and shakes and gets nervous on his own – lots of fun, lots of funny.

Ben and I have determined that Nintendo is trying to market its games to parents, to counteract the games like GTA:Vice City that are out there and tarnishing family values™. Look at the two games I’ve played most recently that are, if memory serves, rather popular: Mario Sunshine, which is about going around and cleaning graffiti off of walls, and Luigi’s Mansion, in which you vacuum up ghosts. Next will be something like Princess Peach Dusts for Coins, in which she goes around a big castle filled with Boos and GoomBahs, dusting off various items in order to form pictures… or Toadstool Does the Dishes, whereby he uncovers valuable plates in the midst of doing the wash. Or something along those lines.

I’m not feeling especially creative right now, I’m afraid… which sucks because I still have an article to pound out (hehehe), as well as a book review to post – and shortly a second, perhaps. I finished up The Moonstone the other night, and I’m likely to finish Writers on Writing, given the right amount of time that isn’t allotted to something productive, like reading for class. :P

I was also pleased to hear today from Ben’s mom that I’m not stupid because I don’t always get the readings I’m assigned for my various classes, that no one really gets them because they’re rarely written well. *dance* Since she herself is a really smart lady, it made me feel relieved.

Anyhow, I have a few notes written down about things I want to write about, but I’ll hold onto them for tomorrow. For now, I have an overdue article to get to. :P :)

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