Much as it may feel that way, going to bed at 3 and getting up at 11 does not constitute a regular schedule.

At least the kitties are always around and now getting predictable -- I settle into bed, within five minutes, whomp! My legs are pinned. :)

Last night, Digger was getting rather impatient with how long it was taking me to go to bed, so he jumped up on my lap and then on my keyboard tray, which I rarely keep locked. Today he landed in a decent enough position so as not to push it back in. Anyhow, he started poking around at the few things in front of him on my actual desk, and there was a folded over post-it (largish size) that he was poking at (Digger loves Post-it note pads, the little ones. He'll steal them off my sister's computer desk, since she usually has one or two there, and he'll play with them). I threw it on the ground for him, and with a little chirp, he picked it up and ran into the hallway with it, and then out of my sight. It's likely on the landing, where all of Digger's brief forays into toys seem to land.

Shadow, on the other hand, loves the mouse toys that we buy her, especially the ones with a little rattle in them. She'll run around the house with them, and eventually wind up drowning them in her water dish, where she waits for you to fish it out. Sometimes she'll get them out herself, but there are a number of mice floating around the house (most likely hidden under the fridge) that have matted fur and rather disgruntled expressions. One day, she had a number of mice in play, and they were scattered about the staircase heading up to the top floor, where the bedrooms were; I told my dad that they were swimming upstream to spawn -- it was the annual mice migration. Another time, they were all on the stairs to the basement, and in the basement itself; here they were returning from their migration to have their mousey children and set up homes in the sofa cushions and boxes of books that take up space downstairs.

I have now spent the last two days not going to my classes. As do many others, I blame the weather. I have no desire to venture out into -33 weather to the opposite end of campus for a class I was likely going to leave at the halfway point, or a first year class for which I don't have any of the textbooks, and that the grades are based entirely upon a 40% midterm (multiple-choice questions) and a 60% final exam (also multiple-choice questions). Nuh-uh. So, instead I have spent the last two days in Ben and Mark's basement, playing Luigi's Mansion on the GameCube. It's a fun game; I actually have some skills at it, which is impressive, although my aim is frequently terrible and I've given the controller over to Mark on occasion to demolish the bosses and the odd tough ghost that I can't seem to get. Between the two of us, we have the game figured out -- we're both accustomed to various types of gaming 'rules' -- i.e., if the door is burning, try spraying it with water, or if a bunch of instruments are about, and hitting one of them starts it playing, hit all of them and you'll get the conductor (or in this case, the piano player) ghost -- so we've rarely been stumped. It's not an especially difficult game, and if you ever get frustrated or upset, just press the A button when you're not standing near anything, and hear Luigi call "Mario!" It makes you laugh. :)

Which means that that entire paragraph winds up sounding like an advertisement, which is not my intention. It's just a game I've enjoyed. :) Anyhow, must get moving... from what I think I heard of the weather report, it's going to be a much milder day, and I won't be freezing my various body parts hours after I've theoretically defrosted. It's an interesting feeling, having your torso and calves and feet be fine, but having your thighs be numb chunks of ice. Not necessarily good, mind you, but interesting. Did I mention before, I hate the cold? 'Cause I do, I really, really do.

Best of luck to Moose on his exams today and tomorrow. *hugs* :) I'm off to brave the shower. :)

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