Urgh. Up too late last night playing Luigi’s Mansion. Got Ben from work after my class (I stayed for the whole thing, and got one more of my textbooks… like most of the class, I’m waiting on the Encyclopaedia one, I think it’ll arrive today in the mail), then went back to his place where Moose and I made some spaghetti dinner (I had fun whining until we made it), and the three of us partook. Yummy. Of course, it was nearly 1 in the morning by the time we sat down to eat… Playing Luigi’s for awhile, Ben crashed, then left around 3. Normally I go to bed around 3, so I’m running behind this morning, which kinda sucks.

Just a quick post here, nothing like yesterday’s. Back up on top for LoveInk, which makes me tingly. Got in touch with someone I used to talk to back in the days of alt.fan.jen-coolest (don’t laugh, it was great! :)), so eventually I’ll reply to that and the numerous other emails that await my attention. Gah, I’m bad at this. :P

At least being tired will ensure that I go to bed at a semi-decent hour tonight for my Friday class. 6:30 a.m. wakeups suck, especially when you’re used to waking up at quarter after 11. (I don’t get it, I don’t understand how it is that my body always wakes up at the same time, but there you have it).

Planning a little dinner party on Saturday night; Ben, Moose, Ben’s gf, possibly Ben’s folks and other brother… it should be fun. We’re thinking more spaghetti or possibly lasagna. Since I’ve never made lasagna, I do hope that Ben has and can handle that part. Although, if his gf is there, chances are he’ll be tucked away somewhere with her, leaving the feeding of numerous people up to Moose and myself.

I was listing various desserts that I know how to make last night, and Ben’s mom was giving encouraging “mmm” noises to various ones. I stated then, as I repeat now (and am wont to say on a regular basis), ‘I cook what I like to eat, which is why I know how to make a lot of chocolate desserts.’ She said I was a woman after her own heart, so I think that counts as brownie points (no pun intended) in my favour. :)

Also got to tell Ben my getting married plan. See, many people have stated that housing co-ops, which is the type of housing we’re hoping perhaps to go into, prefer young married couples. Ben’s dad suggested last night that we fake the license; I say, go a step further and actually get married! The marriage could be later annulled, since we won’t have consummated it, and we could cite as grounds for divorce adultery on both sides, since, as part of our agreement, there would be rampant cheating (to steal Ben’s phrase), on either side. Friends who regularly ask me, “So, what’s new and exciting?” would be treated to the standard, “Oh yeah, nothing really… but I got married last week,” and in later years, if I’m asked, “Have you ever been married?” I could say, “Yes, but it was just a stupid fling in my 20s… shortly after we got married the passion died.” “How shortly?” “Oh, about ten minutes afterwards.” Or conversely, the response could be, “Yeah, but I got divorced after I found a better place to live, a place I could afford on my own.” Or something like, “Yeah, but it was just to get a good house/apartment.” Then, we could Jerry Springerize it by saying, “Well, Ben and I were married… he had a girlfriend and I was sleeping with his brother. There were evenings that this was all going on at the same time, and he’d even ask me to pass the condoms!”

*grin* Anyhow, I thought it was hilarious, Ben thought so too, Moose didn’t seem quite as amused by it. It’s a fun idea, although I think our folks would likely kill us. *grin*

Okay, time to get ready for the day. Please to note, I cleaned the fishy’s tank yesterday! And Simon (of the Jencyclopaedia fame), thinks that I should call him Stinky. Anyone else got a vote?

Oh, and before I forget. I'd like to thank the people who bought drugs off of me... and Moose is now my little minion (there's a different phrase for that, but he doesn't like it, so I won't use it). *flex* Please keep buying! :)

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