After writing that bit last night, I got hit with a burst of inspiration based on what Digger was up to, and wrote a two-page entry in my notebook to post on here. I'm not going to post it just yet, since I want to get going on the day and any minute now someone is going to start up a conversation with me, but right now, all I want to say is ewww. What I was shown last week is not what I saw today, and oh my god, I think it's ugly. Wondering what I'm talking about? It's the new format for unCultured.

If you never saw it before, then I'm sorry, and you've missed out; while the posting style wasn't conducive to the types of debates and discussions they wanted to have, at least it looked nice. Maybe it's just my bias against orange, and I know that orange and blue are contrasting colours (like red and green and purple and yellow), but really now? *shudder* That's my two cents on that.

And I know that at least two of the people who post to unCultured read my site and maybe I've hurt someone's feelings by posting this, but... urgh. Gross. No one thought that while we were going back and forth on where to host it, that maybe someone should bring up the colour scheme? Like, "I'm going to make the site blue still, but with big orange title bars for the date," and maybe someone else could've said, "Okay, you're a programmer, not an artist. No."

But alas, no such luck. A lot of people whose blogs I follow have recently undergone template changes. We have Mark/Moose/Buzz/Monkey (yeah, that list of nicknames just keeps getting longer), there's Lucas, as mentioned before, unCultured... and okay, so that's it. It just seemed like more than that, and maybe it was, I just can't think of them right now.

Anyhow, that's all I had to say about that (at least until later, I'm sure), and now I must be off. Digger wants something (doesn't he always?), and I want foodage. (There ya go monkey, I used it again). More from me later, when I insult someone else's work and make them cry.

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