Gnah. What a busy few days. Let's see... I promise this update won't be as long as the last one. ;)

Last night was gord's big gay bash, evening the second. I didn't attend evening the first 'cause I was trying to save some cash, and it turns out I wasn't feeling to wunnerful anyhow. I got to spend most of Friday prone on the couch/futon in the basement, watching television and being sat on by cats. It was a good night. :)

Anyhow, Saturday. I went to bed around 3 a.m. Friday night, feeling exhausted and somewhat vulnerable all evening, then slept until 2 in the afternoon on Saturday. Ran a few errands for Mom, then showered and checked my email, discovering that -- hey! I had to go catch a bus if I was to meet up with gord and crew on time.

I drove to the bus station, hopped on the bus, and lo and behold -- there be gord and his friends Shawn, and his gf. gord and I chatted on the way to the shopping centre, occasionally also chatting with Shawn and gf. We sat in the food court, I hit up Timmy's for a quick tide-me-over snack, and then met with Angus and his gf, Jenn (please note, two n's). Jenn is also from N.S., although more so than I, and she also hates seafood. That made me very happy.

We picked up a few more people, then headed off to the restaurant. While we were standing in the bus shelter, waiting for the bus, there was much discussion about the side effects of gord's medication, which listed, among other things, diarrhea and constipation, and a little further down the list, death. Apparently death isn't a serious enough side effect that it should be listed first or anything. Anyhow, there were many many jokes made about torrential explosive diarrhea, they were all vile and hilarious because of gord's delivery, and somehow I doubt the couple standing directly behind gord found it all that great. Mind you, they didn't give us any dirty looks, so they may not have minded that much.

Somehow we moved from that to the discussion of manufacturing buttplugs and other sexual devices from produce, and the consensus was that, contrary to what Dan Savage may have said in his latest column, carving sweet potatoes into butt plugs isn't the best thing to do. Neither is using carrots, zucchinis, bananas (which, according to one who shall remain nameless -- not I -- mush inappropriately when employed) or assorted other phallicly-shaped foods (or other kitchen items like potato mashers and knife sharpeners). So that was our loud bus discussion that was great fun to have.

Did I mention that Shawn and his gf work in a porn store, and according to gord, I'm the "biggest whore on the Internet"? With three of us in that vein, plus gord and Angus who shy away from no topic of discussion, the conversations were varied, frequently dirty, and side-splittingly hilarious.

We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant, where we likely offended a number of other diners, consumed a huge amount of food, then headed off to Magni's place to "hang." A group of us went for dessert first, since no evening is complete without the consumpution of cheesecake and other foods that are good for you. Afterwards it was over to Magni's place, where we met his other roommates and the conversation continued. In particular, gord, Ben and a workfriend of Ben's (also a friend of Moose's) chatted a fair bit about work and such.

Somewhere after midnight, Ben and I hoofed it out to the bus and headed back to his place. We passed Moose enroute, about two minutes from the door. The evening wrapped up somewhat early afterwards; Moose hit the shower (after falling asleep for a bit, apparently), I started hammering out an article, and Ben fell asleep on the phone with the gf.

The last few days I haven't been feeling well, and yesterday I was feeling somewhat vulnerable/sucky, so I wasn't really up or active. I had a great time out with gord and the crew, and I was really glad that I went out -- I'd been wondering how late of an evening I'd have made it, so it was awesome that I had fun, I was really happy.

Last night I didn't get to sleep until somewhat late; Moose and I were just watching stupid television and talking, but this morning I was feeling pretty blah again, likely due to not getting enough rest. Apparently I didn't learn after the last few days I went without sleep. :P :) Ah well... something else to fix somewhere down the line.

I gotta get my resume off to gord, so he can forward it down the line to Shawn's gf; I'm going to try and get some hours at the store. I may not have the retail experience, but I have the knowledge and the comfort levels with that sort of environment. I just figure my folks'll freak. In spades. However, it would definitely add another dynamic to this site, and possibly even inspire me to buy the domain I'm eyeing -- http://www.whoresboudoir.com -- and add yet another aspect to it. :)Ooh, this could be fantastic, I just gotta get the cash for it. And time. But what is time?

Something I lack. Like sense, sensibility, and ... well, time. Sorry, I'm rambling now. Time to get back to work. :)

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