Looks promising, looks promising... but of course, I can't say more. I don't want to jinx it. My mom'll flip when I tell her the name of the site, but... hrm. Toughage. It's writing, it's what I've been doing over the last while... it'll work. :)

I went skating tonight with a few friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. I figured perhaps there was a plot afoot, since I hadn't heard from any of them for awhile, but it looks like everyone was and is just busy for now. It happens, I guess.

Mark and I caught DareDevil yesterday. Hard to say where I stand on it. I didn't hate it, I didn't love it. We saw it on cheap night, and I don't feel I wasted my money. How's that for a vague review on it? If you check out his site (Confessions of a Movie Geek...), he has some thoughts posted on it; same with Jay (over at Lunar Bovine).

Today was otherwise pretty quiet. Both my dad and sister were home today -- on my day off! -- so I was somewhat cheesed about that. I have a whole rant about my sister's presence and the waste of money it was to bring her here to do nothing but sit around and watch television, but that's been said and done already. Meh.

Since my dad was working downstairs, it meant that it was quiet and I could do some serious reading on the couch, which I did. Digger settled in at my feet, and Shadow came along and draped herself lengthwise down my thigh. I was pinned, but warm, cozy, and soothed. It was nice. I managed to finish my book later at Mark's place; 'twas the Scold's Bridle, and I had to read it for Mystery Novel. I'm now ahead in that class, and pleased of it; the next two books will be a bit of a lengthy read, particuarly Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood.

Now I just have to get caught up (although in some ways I'm slightly ahead) in Witchcraft, and completely caught up in those other two courses I'm taking... Intercultural and International Development. Blargh.

I'm considering stocking up on the writing courses available online, but I think I need to wait until my debts are paid down somewhat more to do so. I got my VISA bill the other day, and although I know I put at least one item on it over the last little bit, the rest of the amount is down and that makes me very happy. Now I just need to find myself a rich sugar daddy to pay off that and the rest of my debt for me, and I'm all set. Any takers? ;)

Okay, it's late and Digger wants me to go to bed. He's got me well-trained. :)

Oh, but before I forget, a quote for you (something that almost had me snorting water out of my nose): "It's not a toy... it's a meaty piece of manmeat." (Maybe you had to be there? It was fucking funny, nonetheless.)

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