Okay, I have a few minutes. Shadow is currently asleep on the heat vent in my room; what a goon. :)

Last night Digger was spooning with me on the couch as I watched the Simpsons episodes my dad taped. Shadow came along and draped herself up me, chewed a bit on my hair, then moved down to my legs and snuggled there. I had to answer my phone, so we all got disturbed, but Digger came back for some more mad kitty spooning. The only problem was that this time his butt was basically hanging off the edge, so I had one hand braced under his feet to keep him there. He went to sleep, so obviously he didn't care that much.

When I had to get up, I moved around him, so he was still on the couch, just hanging on by himself. He was secure. He then moved his butt so it was more in line with the edge of the cushion, but he was still on the very edge. Since that wasn't goofy enough looking, he stuck his butt up in the air, little paws still hanging on to the edge of the cushion (where it wraps around the arm), and I gave him a back scratch. He's a strange, strange, cat. :)

Anyhow... left for Montreal Friday evening. We could have caught the five o'clock bus, but only if we didn't want to sit together. No big deal, waited for the 6. Both of us wound up sleeping most of the way; I know I fell asleep twice, so I only dealt with about 30 minutes of the ride itself, which really makes the time go by quickly. I saw Mark's head bobbing up and down a few times since he was sleeping sitting up, so that was kinda funny. He said that he drooled a bit, and I think I may have heard him snore.

Haha, how's that for embarrasing him? :) Of course, I'm not a pretty sleeper either; my mouth was wide open, and I think I might've drooled a bit as well. This is why it's a good thing we didn't take the five o'clock bus; can you imagine how repulsed our seat mates would have been?

Checked into the hotel, then headed off down St. Denis to the Italian restaurant I ate at last year. They sat us at the back of the restaurant, next to a huge party of crazy French-Italians -- but rest assured, I mean good crazy. They were singing "That's Amore!" to someone in the group that had gotten engaged/married -- it was funny. :) The only problem we had with the restaurant was where they sat us there was this weird chemical smell; we thought it might've been coming from the machine on the bar (an espresso machine? A small dishwasher?), but we couldn't tell.

Before we left the restaurant, Mark paid for the meal and I stood out of the way towards the door. Mark had bought a rose from the travelling guy in the restaurant, so one of the owners was asking me where I'd gotten it and such. Him and the guy working the cash were chatting with me, and the owner offered to be my boyfriend if Mark didn't treat me right. However, my Italian boyfriend (as I've named him) told me I had nice green eyes, which are really blue, so I don't know if I want to make a relationship of it.

After we left the restaurant, we headed over to St. Catherine to try to find Club Super Sexe. Got the address and everything (696), headed in what we thought was the right direction and ... all of a sudden the numbers went from 500 to 800. No 600s to be found. We figured that it must've been the other direction (East instead of West), but it was too damn cold to try. So off we were, back to the hotel for some hanging out, warming up and watching television.

I didn't want to stay up too late in case we overslept the next morning (checkout being at noon), so we crashed around what was probably 1:30 or 2, and got up with plenty of time to spare... which we promptly wasted by watching cartoons. No matter. Breakfast was muffins I'd bought the day before at the local bus station, which left crumbs and chocolate stains all over the sheets (there were two beds in the room, so it's not as if it would've been gross if we'd spent another night), then off we went to the Biodome, one of the happiest places ever. :)

We spent a few hours at the Biodome, looking through, grabbing some lunch, and perusing the gift shop. I bought a soft stuffed penguin and a pig keychain for my aunt, and I bought a vibrating duel penguin on a pull-string arrangement that sounds much dirtier than it really is for Mark. I can’t think how to describe it, but you can buy all kinds of varieties of the toys I’m talking about, so if you’ve seen it, you can basically figure out what I mean.

As we were homeless at this point and not meeting with any success in hooking up with Mark and Ben’s sister or their friend, we decided to catch the bus back home and just hang out there. Hit up Loblaws for some perogies that I didn’t end up making until the next day, shared some pie and explored the extras on the X-Men 1.5 DVD I picked up and watched When Harry Met Sally (part of my Valentine’s gift from Mark).

Sunday was quiet, just hanging around the house and then off to work. I stopped by on the way to feed Mark some more pie, and after I got home I caught the 301st and 302nd episodes of Simpsons. ‘Twas a quiet evening, although I did get that article written for unCultured, something I’d started while at work (and vaguely bored).

Today I got to bring the Shadowbrat to the vet, and she was squirmy there and howly in the car, both directions. It’s funny when you tell people you’re bringing your cat to the vet; their immediate reaction is to ask what’s wrong with her, or say “I hope everything’s okay.” No one thinks of routine things like vaccines, which is all she had today. Well, there were a few other minor concerns, but nothing bad. We’ll see if the food helps. :)

Tonight there are tentative plans to head out to see DareDevil as a crew. According to what I overheard my dad saying last night, Ebert and Roeper liked it, although I’m hearing from basically everyone else that it’s pretty poo. I haven’t been out to see anything in awhile though – I think Catch Me If You Can, seen a day or so before Christmas Day, was the last thing I saw in theatres – so I don’t mind so much. I have a coupon that I got with the DVD, but I might save that for when I see X-Men 2, which Mark and I have already planned to see opening night. We’re fans. ;)

Part of me is very tempted to take the week off from work, but I can’t really afford to, and I don’t really need to. I can go in a bit earlier and still be out at a decent enough time to do some serious reading, which I will be doing after tonight. Urgh. The sad thing is, I could almost get by without doing any for awhile yet… but I’m hoping to knock off one of my papers this week (if it’s at all possible), and get caught up/ahead. The week when I get back, I have two exams, so that’ll be fun.

I also got my exam schedule for April, and it’s kinda crap:
* Communication and International Development, a take home, due April 17th (but we’re getting them March 17th, so I have lots of time and little to do during March – i.e., nothing)
* Intercultural Communication: April 23rd, from 2 – 5 p.m.
* Mystery Novel: April 23rd, from 7 – 10 p.m.
* Witchcraft, Magic and Occult Traditions: April 29th, from 7 – 10 p.m.

I really can’t complain *too* much about the schedule going on so late. It’s because of the first-year and second-year nature of the courses, and I really didn’t have anything to do this semester, so I suppose it’s only fair.

Mind, I’ve also had some really stressful semesters that ended in really crappy exam schedules… so I think I’m going to wind up complaining regardless of what happens. ;)

Anyhow, I must be off to grab some dinner before I depart for my radio course tonight. It’s a bit of a drag, but it’s not too bad, ‘cause we usually get out early, and it’s a small class. Plus there’s always the flattering aspect of having someone giving off “I think you’re cute” vibes to you. ;)

And before I forget, I found this through a link left on a friend’s site. Apparently Google has purchased PyraLabs, the force behind Blogger.com and Blogspot.com. It’ll be interesting to see what turns up over the next little while as a result of this.

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