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First of all, my apologies to anyone who has sent me messages through ICQ/MSN the last few days and hasn't received a reply. My motherboard was randomly crashing, and now it's completely up and died on me, and so I've been using my mom's computer to stay abreast of things. My dad is going to take the weekend and set it up with the new motherboard he bought, so I will soon be back in business, but for now, it's email or my cell to get in touch with me. :)

Second of all, actual content. I'd like to thank the 254 people who visited Whore's Boudoir in the last week; it's because of you that I'm getting the confidence and determination to turn the site into something bigger. I don't want to talk too much about it, but so far plans are underway for an actual logo, as well as a few possible expansions and a move to a dedicated web address, minus the blogspot. We'll see what happens when I get some more (positive) cash flow going on.

I've written an article/rant, but I'm uncertain as to whether or not it should go anywhere other than my notebook. It's too personal for the WB, possibly suited to the hidden page, unlikely right for unCulltured... ah well. I gave it to Ben to read last night, and he agreed with me about the WB part. I guess at the very least, it's been read by someone and that makes me happy.

The last few days have been fairly quiet, as my posting of quizzes might reflect. I didn't go to my radio course on Monday, 'cause the weather was just awful for driving (could barely see across the street), and I wasn't feeling much like going anyways. I wound up instead playing on the computer, writing Tuesday's article, and mainly watching television.

I read a bit more of my novel for English -- "the Murder of Roger Ackroyd," by Agatha Christie. Actually, I've now finished it, and I must say, it certainly id have a twist ending. Further discussion of such will appear on Bibliophilage (but rest assured, I won't give anything away).

Today was another relatively wasted day -- I skipped class and watched a fair bit of Sex and the City, but I also read a bit for Witchcraft (the class I skipped), so I odn't feel the day was completely wasted. In the evening, I got together with Mark and Ben; I chatted with Ben about the future of our various weblogs while he made soup and pudding, and Mark finished up his applications to university (one to which he applied required supplementary applications that had to be mailed that evening, so I was ignoring him while he worked). I felt bad; I had to help him kill 100 words out of the short story he'd written (250 max), and I always hate doing that. It's tough to get rid of stuff you've written (which is one reason why the columns I write vary in length so), and I didn't want him to feel like I was changing his story from what he'd originally had.

It turns out that he had forgotten to double-space one of his submissions, but the post office lady said that it wouldn't be going out until 5 today anyhow, so she stamped his envelope with Wednesday's date and sent him back home, which I thought was really nice of her. After all the running around, we finished up our dinners and watched a bit of television. Ben got on the phone with his gf, and Mark and I hung out in his room. For once, I didn't fall asleep, but I'm vaguely wishing I'd left at the time I planned earlier, 'cause today I'm tired. Story of my life, however, and it could've been worse.

Today I'm meeting up with a friend for lunch and some dirty shopping -- we're hitting the sex shop that I love so. It's hilarious first of all, the number of times I've been there in such a short period of time, and second of all, the fact that *every* time I've been, I've been with a different person. It's great! I've been three times with one particular friend, but the second and third time there were others with us (different others), so it still qualifies. :)

Anyhow, time to finish this up (at least for now) and get running. The clock on this computer is all screwed up, so I have no idea what time it really is, and I still have to get dressed and dry my hair. Digger's taking up space on my bed, so he's not likely to appreciate me dumping all kinds of clothes on him, but... he should move. :)

Y'know, I think the fish might somehow be to blame for the motherboard dying... they're forcing me out of my room and into more and more potentially dangerous situations. Right now, I'm just a few feet away from the furnace -- maybe they've rigged it to explode? I think I'm worried. :P

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