And another quote:

[on the subject of books/authors to pick up and try out, after Ben suggests LotR and I turn up my nose]
Ben: "English literature does not begin and end with the Lord of the Rings!"
Me: "Finally! Someone who agrees with me! Who said that?"
Ben: "You did."
Me: [*pause*] "Hey, cool. I'm smart sometimes." :)

Anyhow, good times lately. Had my on-floor test with Chapters today (phase three of the interview process; the next step is the swimsuit competition), and the manager said it went well. Apparently I was the first of the chosen few to go through the process, so I'll have to wait to find out whether they set people on fire or not. If some short person who looked slightly awkward and like she was playing dress-up in an oversized black vest approached you today to ask if you needed help, I'm sorry. They made me do it.

After that, I drove over to bug Mark. I got there as his mom was unloading groceries, so I helped out with that, then went and rousted him from the basement to go help unpack -- since I don't really know where anything goes, I'm more of a hindrance than a help.

However, I was able to put the juice in the downstairs fridge, which prompted Mark to comment, as my arms were loaded full of containers, "Nice jugs." Isn't he charming?

We watched Swimfan, which was... hrm. I'm not putting it at the top of my list of favourite movies, but I'm not clamouring to ask for that portion of my life back, so it balances out. I'd recommend watching it, the actors did a good job, particularly the one who played Madison (Erika Christensen). I got fed, which is always a plus, and I had spinach for the first time. And likely the last, unless I'm fed it again as someone's guest. :) I will eat any number of foods out of politeness as someone's guest (provided they're on my "really, I really don't want/like to eat this" list), so it's given me some wider exposure than I might've otherwise had, and it's meant that I've gotten to try foods like sweet potatoes (which I like), and shrimp stirfry (which I enjoyed), but spinach... hrm. I told Mark that he has to get better soon so that he can eat my spinach for me. ;)

Actually, it was funny last time I ate over; I commented that it was a shame Mark wasn't well, 'cause then I couldn't pawn my broccoli off on him... so his mom said she didn't get as much as she should've and stole some off my plate. Y'know you've been accepted by someone's family when... :) *grin*

It's good to see the monkey with some energy. The swelling in his face is nearly gone and he's much more alert and active, which is really encouraging.

But enough about him, some more about me now. ;)

Hrm. I have nothing. And it's past time for bed. I'll come up with something more interesting later (as well as do a bunch of writing that I'm overdue .. to... do. Yeah).

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