At the time of my writing this, I currently stand 5 hits away from crossing 9000 views.

I find that amazing. I remember when crossing 5000 was incredible to me, and now 10,000 is within sight. Wow. I don't know what it is that keeps you guys coming back, but I definitely appreciate it.

So, what have the last few days involved? Well, last night I caught the production of "Grease" with Ben and Mark. My buddy Gabe was in the cast, and I love the show, so I had two good excuses to go and catch it.

I realized something last night about the character of Danny Zucko. In the movie version of Grease, he's played by John Travolta, and I think Travolta does an excellent job. The singing, the dancing (which he helped to choreograph), it's all great. The character of Danny is a bit torn; does he save face by playing the tough, or does he be the more sensitive guy that he can be (the guy who takes up track because Sandy thinks jocks do something for the school), the guy who's excited to see her after thinking he wouldn't see her again?

For some reason, this combination has always grabbed me. I've never had a particular affinity to "bad boys" -- motorcycles and leather jackets don't get me wet, nor does a bad attitude -- but I like the contrast in Danny's character. He's obviously crazy for Sandy, but he's dumb and awkward in front of her, and that shows. I think it's the fact that a guy can be so affected by someone that he wants to change for her -- not because she acts it, but because he knows that there's nothing wrong with perhaps doing something a bit more valid with his life than stealing hubcaps and having rumbles -- and he wants to make her happy.

I ran into my friend Sara there, and got to check out her new bf. He seems like a cutie, although I didn't talk to him, so it's hard to really know.

After coming back from the show, Mark and I rented The Wedding Singer (although we have yet to watch it), and chowed on nachos that Ben made before hitting the sack.

More news from yesterday: changed my credit card to a low interest one (with an annual fee), and bumped the limit so I can get further into debt... and not freak out now about making sure my credit card is paid off so that my cell bill can get paid.

I was also about to book another appointment to redo my grad photos. I'm going to actually get my hair cut and styled that day, so hopefully I won't look like an exhausted fat drunk in them this time. I think that was a big part of the problem with the last ones -- they were hideous. :P I have them in my room right now, and I was very tempted to put a book on top of them so that the ugliness would not escape to permeate the room... but I didn't.

I learned that my submissions were rejected for the first round of website writings, but I'll be considered next time around. Suckage, but at least it's less competition in my brain for the Whore's Boudoir stuff.

What else? Thursday I got together with Mark and gord for dinner, and had a great time. I love having a guy friend I can talk to about sex matters who shares a similar perspective to me. It's funny explaining female orgasms to someone who has no interest in being present for one. :)

I ran into Diana on the bus ride home Thursday, but we didn't get much chance to talk. It's weird that some people who were so major in my life in first, second or third year barely turn up now. Kinda sad, but it just goes to show how busy we all are, and how much school was what kept us connected.

Anyhow, must shower and go fish shopping with Mark now, before heading home. I'm spreading the betta love. :)

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