*drum roll* Well, I have the group interview tonight. Nice. :)

As well, just got myself taken off the potential interviewees list for another job that I got an email about last night; I don't have full-time access to a car. That, combined with what I remember of the job (applied to on that day of infamy, with the 4 billion cover letters), means that it was likely selling insurance, which is not what I'd like to do as a full-time job. No worries, moving on.

The more I think about the possible job that Ben and Mark's mom was talking about, the more I get psyched about it. As scary as it would be to leave behind all that I know now and all that I could possibly do, I can't limit myself based on how much I enjoy where I am now. It would, however, be wonderful to leave behind all the stupidity and crap and lies. But I'll likely run into that anywhere, no? Ah well.

Haven't gotten to talk to the monkey since Sunday night, which sucks. Last night I was talking of going over to poke at him, but Ben and I wound up going out to see Old School -- my treat, which meant it was free, including snacks and such. I was seriously upset and stressed by crap going on with my folks and finances, so getting to go out for awhile and watch a dumb movie (I'm sorry, it wasn't that great), and chat was nice. It was good to get my mind off things, and I felt much better once I got home.

The only money I spent yesterday was $4.25 on a pair of shoes from Zellers, 'cause my shoes were killing my feet and I want to wear them tonight for the interview. Otherwise, we did the book store browsing, the expensive tech toy browsing, and both of us kept our wallets in our pockets. Good sign. :)

So yeah, it's been a quiet few days. Worked on Sunday, went over to bug Mark and wound up staying up late chatting with Ben. Yesterday was work and the movie, and now we're here at today, and they day hasn't really yet begun.

I realized last night that the reason my stomach went into insane cramping pain when I went to bed was because all I'd had to eat all day was a bagel for breakfast, some of Ben's noodles (along with dessert, I'm bad) and a monster bag of popcorn. There be no real meals in that mess, and I hadn't even really realized that I hadn't really eaten all day. See what happens when I don't buy my food downtown? Eesh.

I'm still feeling a bit yuck today, but I made sure I ate breakfast first thing, and I'm going to pack a lunch to bring with me when I head off to work. Anyhow, gotta get moving on the day. I'll post more later.

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