In the letters to the editor, a gentleman writes in:

"Albert Einstein's opinion of war: "He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at oncec. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance, how violently I hate all this, how despicable an ignoble war is; I would rather be turn to shreds than be part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.""

The editor's comment?
"Proof that being a brilliant physicist doesn't necessarily make everything else you say sensible."

At least the editorial staff is unbiased. :P

Oh, sorry. Sarcasm meter's stuck on. Eesh.

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