Oh my... this is hilarious.

As for this... be careful, it'll make you gay. :)

I stole both of those links off of Dave Barry's blog, which I also have blogrolled, so I should be all safe with my citing.

Last night, Peacock had a fit and then looked as if he died. I was depressed and concerned, 'cause after all, that would be another fishy death -- and then he got up and started swimming again, so I called him a bastard. It's pretty dark around their tanks right now, so I've lit a candle to entertain them. I think it's working.

Anyhow, nothing terribly new lately. My life is dull, and that's okay. I didn't go to my radio class last night; Ben and I hit the Outback for dinner instead and (almost) went through three loaves of bread. Whoo! We didn't finish our dessert, so that's a good sign. Or something. :)

After that, headed back to his place. I played some Luigi's Mansion and snuggled with the monkey, and Ben wrote. I turned off the game (after at least 45 minutes of solid playing), then we watched some tv and Ben chatted on the phone with his gf. We were supposed to watch episodes of Buffy, but that never happened. I left around quarter after 1 and mucked about on the computer for a bit.

I got my hair cut yesterday, and I'm not sure if I like it or not. It almost seemed as if the guy gave me a mullet, which would have *seriously* pissed me off -- I asked to have two inches taken off of my 'do, and mentioned that I'd like something light because my hair has a tendency of going flat. There was no "give me a mullet" in there -- but I've been assured by a number of people that it was not a mullet. Still not sure if I like it, though.

Gotta help out Mom, so more later. No mullets here.

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