I was informed the other day that there is now a second URL to access this site. My precioussss... Anyhow, I'm having weird feelings on this. I mean, it's not like it takes away from my hits -- it's not a mirror, just a redirect -- it's just that it was done without asking me, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I mean... urgh. I don't know. I've had this site up and going for 15 months now, and while I know visually it ain't much and whatnot, it's still something of mine that I post to and people visit. It's just my content that appears here, and that's what keeps people coming. That's a pretty fantastic feeling, particularly for a budding young author such as myself. :)

But since this wasn't a question put to me, or an idea run past me, or even anything I asked for -- it feels like my site's been co-opted or something. Like, all of a sudden, my site belongs to someone else, and I didn't give any permission to this new person to take a piece of it.

I realize I'm more than likely overreacting, but... I don't know. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but it's unsettling at the very least, and I haven't had the opportunity to say anything about it to anyone and I'm not even sure what I would say. I mean, I wasn't necessarily going to have this site as part of unCultured in the first place -- if you remember a few months ago, it had been "offered" to me to have my site become a subset of unCultured; www.uncultured.com/jen or some such, and I was completely opposed to that to begin with. But even if we were to develop an "about the authors" page, I'm not sure if I would have put my site up there or not; or if I had, it would've been under the URL I chose for it, not the one someone else assigned it. It's one thing to be assigned the blogspot moniker, since I elected to use Blogger for my postage; it's another thing to have an outsider develop a redirect for it. At least, in my head.

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