My tongue is metaphorically bleeding from biting it hard and censoring myself from responding to some things appearing on various friends' blogs.

There is much I could expand upon in a rather vituperative burst, but it would probably not win me any points with anyone at whom it was directed, so I have censored myself. In one case, I left a comment, but kept it fairly restrained; in the other case, well... I don't know that I'll be able to say anything without it becoming harsh and extremely critical because I think someone has their head up their ass and is being somewhat... selfish out of it all, and since I don't actually know all the details, anything I say would just earn me extreme rancour, so I stop here.

Argh! Maybe I'll stop censoring myself on my own site and go full-fledged bitch mode the way I used to, before any of my friends actually read here. *sigh* We'll see.

I hate people. :P

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