Second day of training today. I am tired. Urgh. I didn't sleep well last night, then I was up early today -- I hate doing that.

Hung out with the monkey for awhile last night. We watched Ron Jeremy's flick, "Porn Star." I have to say, it was interesting. Sometimes flattering, other times merely realistic, or so it seems -- not everyone is super complimentary about Ron, but they're honest.

Got a good compliment today from the girl I was working beside.
Her: "So, what store did you transfer from?"
Me: "Actually, this is my second shift training."
Her: "Wow, you're doing really well."

Very nice. :)

Chatted very briefly with a guy at the bus stop about his new job at Home Depot -- he had a whole kit, bigger than the one that I got when I was hired here, and so I was tired enough to not care that he was the kind of person I would normally never approach. I offered him congrats on his new job, basically, and we spoke about three more sentences before my bus came. Ah well -- I guess maybe the ladies were right when they said I'd approach a stranger (long ago story from an Estrofest... not worth linking to, 'cause of the other stuff in the post, but you get the picture).

I've made it through a whole one article. *sigh* I was falling asleep and unable to really concentrate, my dad was watching the first Harry Potter movie downstairs really loudly, and I'm just feeling bleagh. My mom leaves for New Brunswick tomorrow, and I'm thinking I'll take Monday or Tuesday off to study, so perhaps with fewer people around the house I might get more reading done.


Let's see, do I have any interesting stories to tell? Got to chat with one of my coworkers for awhile today. He went through a bad breakup with one of the other coworkers, and there's been so much fall out since then what with people taking sides and all. I know I've chosen my little camp, but at the same time, I also avoid talking about much of it anymore. Of course, every once in awhile I'll get sucked into a gossip fest, but it's with a set group of people that I know I can trust; or at least, they haven't screwed me yet, so why not, eh?

One of my coworkers was saying last week before my shift started that I'm like flypaper for virgins, and it's so true. I was thinking about it recently; in all of my years of sexual activity (and here I'm counting everything from just kissing on up), I've slept with two virgins, one near-virgin, and been propositioned by two others that I turned down (or things never progressed near enough for it to be an actual question). In addition to that, there's one guy who asked me if I wanted to have sex -- when I was 13 or 14, I'd like to point out, which would have made him probably about 15 or 16, if memory serves -- and I have to believe on some level that he was also a virgin or a near-virgin, which brings our total up.

That all said and done... I think I ought to count it as flattering. I don't know why it's the inexperienced or less experienced of the male gender that seem to find me appealing. I suppose, as one person told me, it's 'cause I'm comfortable to be around and I put them at ease. *shrug* I'm trying not to seem like I'm blowing my own horn here, 'cause I'm not; I'm merely repeating what I've been told.

Conversely, there are also the players who hit on me; perhaps because I talk a good line and seem like I'd drop trou for anyone who happened to wink my way. In fact, along those lines, I got my very first honest come-on recently as a result of the Whore's Boudoir. I find that funny as hell; lord knows there are no pictures of me posted through that site and no one has any inkling of how attractive or un-, skinny or large, interesting or dull I am... but because I talk about sex, I must be willing to drop trou for anyone else, sight unseen. It makes me laugh, honestly. :)

*shudder* Mind you, I just thought of something; not only would this guy be taking it as assumed that I'm attractive and he'd want to do me, but I'd be damn sure taking it for granted that *he's* attractive. Considering some of the people I've met throughout the course of things like MUDding or what-have-you, I know the odds of him being attractive, interesting and someone I'd want to sleep with are damn slim. *shudder*

Anyhow, back to the grind go I. Or something like that -- chances are I'll be falling asleep sitting up in my chair. :P

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