Yargh. Just finished all of my readings (well, the prof's notes on the readings) and now my brain is soupy. I'm not going to fail tomorrow -- I hope -- but I'm likely not getting 100% on it, either. Mind, that's not a big deal, so long as I did okay on the term paper, I don't really care *that* much.

I just want to pass it.

At the same time, I'm feeling fairly confident about my English exam. I just have to finish reading the short story in the final book (how's *that* for procrastination?), and then I'm all set. :) I could probably do fine without reading it, but I want to, for completion's sake.

Today and yesterday were spent pretty quietly, studying and being a slug. Heavy emphasis on the slug part. Digger went out and played in the dirt/mud, then came in here and left muddy footprints on, in order of my discovery: my sheet; the bathroom floor, huge amounts of muddy footprints in the tub, such that I went and got my camera to attempt to capture it for posterity's sake; my windowsill. I cleaned up most of them as best as I could, and just now when I went to replace the bathmat (which I'd washed, along with the other towels that were overdue for cleaning), I discovered the addition of some new footprints in the tub.

Dad and I watched some television tonight, and I figured things out about Angel before he did. Woohoo, am I ever smart (heavy on the sarcasm, said with a grin). Shadow kept deciding that the piles of papers and pens that I had in my lap (using one on the other as I read) made for a perfect sleeping spot. She'd then move from that position to pinning my arm or hand or pen (or combinations of the above), so I had to keep weaselling my various extremities out from underneath her. Because she was taking up great amounts of space on the loveseat (once I'd finally relegated her to merely pressed against my outer thigh), Digger had to find another place to settle. He wound up choosing the blanket that was pooled at my feet, and curling up on that for a nice long rest. My cats are damn cute. :)

I know, there's been an abundance of cat stories that have cropped up on here lately, and for that I apologize. It's difficult knowing the various audience members that read here; I can't or won't complain about various behaviours of friends or enemies, partly because I don't want to upset anyone, and partly because... well, in some ways it's just not worth it. As well, I know I've been stressed and all because of these looming exams, so I don't want to go about taking my stress out on anyone that I might later regret doing so to; there are others that I could bitch at and I wouldn't give two shits later... chances are they'd have invoked my wrath anyhow and deserved it mightily. ;)

The other reason for the abundance of cat stories and lack of much else that was interesting is simply because I've been lurking about my house for the last age and a half and really haven't much more else to report on. :) Although today I did do a bunch of sit-ups and one of my yoga tapes in an attempt to cut back. I stepped on the scale last night and was mightily horrified, so I felt that it was time to act on it. Therefore, I make the attempts. :) What with school wrapping up and the weather warming up, I can finally do as I vowed and get the bike out and start trekking about. As well, I'm going to be making many more attempts to eat healthy foods and cut way back on the sugar consumptions.

This led to tonight's making of two packages of Jello -- we have an abundance of the stuff downstairs, and it's a sweet food that I can eat in moderation without freaking out about how awful it is for me. I'm also making efforts to gear my snacking towards vegetables and fruits, in spite of the consequences. Celery with peanut butter and raisins is still healthy in my book. ;)

Anyhow, one of the hazards of doing yoga in a household that contains cats is that they feel that the minute you're precariously balanced is the best time to decide that you should give them attention. To whit; holding oneself prone in the 'up' position of pushups for a minute or so is a great time for a cat to decide to rub up against you. Admittedly, that didn't set my balance off, but Shadow playing with my pajama pants strings directly underneath my trembling abdomen didn't exactly help my focus.

Digger's really the nuzzler during yoga sessions; he likes to be at hand, and if I have an elbow or a knee protruding, he likes to give it a bump.

My cats are entertaining as hell. :)

I think tomorrow morning shall include a session with the exercise bike and either some television watching or a trashy romance novel to read. I actually bought a few of them the other day, along with the newest Sherman's Lagoon book (I got the new Get Fuzzy book a few days ago), and Salmon of Doubt. I figured I'm owed some trashy reading after cramming my head full of exam material, and most of my books around here are buried somewhere beneath papers and other assorted rubble. Have I mentioned recently I need to clean my room?

I'm going to be looking into renting me some storage space, or seeing if some friends of ours can accomodate a few cartons for me. It's getting ridiculous in here, and I know soon enough my mom's going to come tossing things willy-nilly. If nothing else, I could probably stand to go through my clothes and toss out that which I don't wear anymore. Anyone got use for my old things? :)

Finally, to those who live in my city (you know who you are), who might be in need of a place to stay; match girl's in need of someone to fill a room in her old place. It's $300/month plus some other utilities, and I can provide you with some more information if you're interested. Just email me and I'll make sure she gets your info. I'm not entirely sure when the lease starts, but I believe it's quite soon, as she already has another place lined up. 3-bedroom apartment downtown, good location to various and sundry things, seems to be a nice neighbourhood overall, and near one of the bar strips, for those so inclined. Lord knows we did the drunken/stoned stumble one night without any mishaps... well, aside from the odd drunken phone call or what-have-you. Oops. ;)

Come to think of it, that's the same night we set her up with her current bf... A mishap? You decide. ;)

Anyhow, that all said and done, I'm going to feed my fish, shovel the folded clothes (a step forward! They weren't folded before... and I even put some of them away!) off my bed and take some girl porn with me to bed. I promise to get around to replying to emails after tomorrow... although I may be using Thursday for sleeping after pulling a double shift... and the same on Friday.

On second thought, I may not get around to emails for a bit yet. But I still read 'em! :)

Oh yes, and finally, you may notice the return of the kitty sidebar -- apparently some HTML gremlin stole in and ate them out of my template. As I do whenever anything goes wrong with my site, I blame Ben, whom I am not quite convinced is still alive. Tests are being conducted as we speak, and we should have results within a few days. Mind you, if he starts to smell before then, I suppose we'll have our answer either way. In addition, I brought back the counter on the side, whose code was still in my template but had apparently committed suicide, as there was a big counter-shaped hole where it should have been displaying. No matter, it's back. For those of you who were worried... well, you have a lot of time on your hands, but my blog and I appreciate it. :)

And yes, the fish are still alive; none of them have staged any coups or even been especially threatening lately. Mind you, I'm sure Peacock will soon be plotting some kind of havoc on me; I let a lily pad dissolve in his tank, and now he hasn't any cover under which to blow bubbles -- that hasn't stopped Stick from making a nice nest around his edge of the tank. I think Peacock has bubble nest envy.

Note to self: clean fish water. Buy more lily pads. Stop anthropomorphizing the fish.

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