Yay, I finished another question! And I watched Buffy and Angel, and I feel pretty darn okay right now.

Although I have a few things I've been reading in people's blogs that I want to comment on, but no time and no real thought-out... well, thoughts.

I guess, in short, as an example of one of the debates I'm following (that's come up about four times in the short period of time I've known the people involved): I have a great dislike of being called a whore or a slut, at least by people who actually mean what they're saying. I tend to react somewhat defensively to it or apparent implications in that direction, although I give the person a chance to explain what they mean, in case I'm miscontruing things.

My friends know this about me, and I try to give most people at least one heads' up so they don't repeat this.

That said, if someone persists in calling me a slut, do I have the right to be upset about this and expect them to change their wording, especially after warning them, or should they expect me to change my feelings about it? I.e., should I stop being sensitive about this issue so that person A doesn't have to change, or should person A realize/learn how I feel about this and stop saying those kinds of things?

This is a question that's semi-rhetorical, but please don't feel as if you can't reply to it -- I welcome any comments on the matter. There's at least one person I've stopped speaking to and stopped respecting because they refused to change on this matter, even after given numerous chances; there's another person who used to push these buttons and who I felt great rancour to at the time, but has since changed his ways and he's off my shit list. :)

Anyhow, back to the writing. Urgh. The war analysis question is still up for grabs for anyone that wants it. ;)

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