Bleargh. More tired.

Worked today, then bought some books. Had some pizza at work, exchanged the cancelled plans for new ones, came home and watched some Sex and the City. Woot. :)

I watched about half of a Buffy episode, then got tired and had a nap. Hung out with a coworker for awhile, now I'm home again. I finished off the Buffy episode, and I'm going to bed.

I ran into Shawn and Sue on the bus today, so we chatted. Apparently I can manage to post a 17-paragraph update about nothing but Buffy. I apologize to all of you. :)

Happy (semi-belated) birthday to Ben!

Must remember to call the pharmacy tomorrow and put gas in the car. Knowing me, I'll forget both of these errands. :)

Space is running a 10-hour Buffy marathon on Monday; I'll be getting together with N and Madeleine to watch at least five or six of the episodes. *dance* Gotta remember to tape the final episode of Buffy on Monday for the 19-year old coworker, since he has to work. Sucker. :)

Today I talked about Buffy and customers with A, one of the other coworkers. It was pretty slow, but I sold a surprisingly high amount of stuff. Maybe someone made a $2k purchase while I was on my lunch or something and I never knew about it. Hrm... :) I had a few customers who were somewhat grumpy, and my last hour of my shift was pretty bad, at least physically -- all of a sudden I went from feeling okay to feeling nauseated and then my stomach seriously hurt. I realized it was because I went from being fine to being starving, more than anything, which is why I didn't mind hanging around for a bit to grab a slice of pizza and eat some of my nuts and a granola bar. I felt better later.

Digger's girlfriend was hanging around the yard tonight, and Mom kept trying to shoo her away. It didn't work so well -- she went into our neighbour's yard and continued to meow for him to come out. Shadow was pretty upset by all of this; she didn't like the presence of the other cat, and I think she was making it jumpy, since it wouldn't let me pet it. Ah well.

Anyhow, such is the dullness of my life -- but I don't mind it. I like having it quiet every now and then; it allows me to get things done, like reading and watching Buffy. :) I should also make sure I clean the fish tanks tomorrow, but I probably won't. I suck that way.

And finally, I started reading the book Mad gave me a few days ago; it's called Beauty, by Sherri Tupper, and so far I think I'm enjoying it. It's interesting, and it's certainly not frustrating me. :) I also picked up the new Discworld Compendium today and a book called Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse; it sounded funny. I'll let you know how it goes -- I know I'm hugely overdue for updating the Bibliophilage page.

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