I am dumb. I came home last night, I was tired. I got on the computer, planning to stay for a few minutes.

People started talking to me. All of a sudden it was 2 a.m. and I still wasn't in bed yet. Urgh.

I set one alarm for 8:30, and the other for 9:00. I got out of bed at 9. :P

*mutter* Ah well. Let's see, yesterday: got 2 of my 3 errands done (I forgot to pick up my grad photos, which is why I was going to try to get downtown a bit early today... no go). Worked, had some food with the 19-year old, then headed over to the other work (where, in passing, we saw E). I was tired, but it was fun working with A and B, the new senior cash rep. He kept trying to push me around, and I kept trying to do the same to him; he was winning. :P Damn me and my Napoleon complex! :)

D came through just before my dinner, so he kept me company when I went over to the mall and got some more food. Went back and finished off the shift, then came home to be stupid. There you have it, my day. Ta-dah.

Stupid sister. She has to leave the house by 10, so she gets up at 9 and farts around, getting in the shower now (quarter after 9). She hasn't written her schedule on the calendar, so I have no concept of when she's working or not, so no way of knowing I'm going to have to play shower battle to get my chance to get in and clean. Stupid sister.

Oh yes, and in more weird news... turns out that D knows someone who happens to be the friend of a friend, and whom I just met. Weirdness abounds.

I spent some time at work yesterday writing out my list of things to do/upcoming events for the next little while. I'm going to be a very busy little person (what kind of preson are you?!) for the next week. :P :)

Some quotes from Shaolin Soccer, if you haven't already seen it:
What kind of preson are you?
Look at me, I am blad!
That was a big exploration! (instead of explosion)

And those are the only ones I can really remember. If you have two hours of your life you don't want back, rent it and watch it -- but rent the subtitled version, not the American version. Better, if such a thing can be said. :)

Anyhow, time to get moving. *sigh* I want sleep. :(

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