I got my hair cut today. I have pretty hair. :)

Walking to catch the bus (which wound up becoming a cab -- stupid me, forgetting that the buses don't run so late on weeknights), got accosted (sorta) by a crazy bum. E and I were walking along ('cause I insist on an escort late at night), and this bum tells us we should go have sex (after hollering some other shit, too). I'm like, okay... weird bum. So, being stupid (it's nearly one in the morning, after all), I say, "too late!" :P

Well, the bum takes that as an invitation to follow us or something, and he does. He catches up to us as we're about to cross the street, and says that maybe we should go have sex five times then. I'm just trying not to look at him, and E's getting kinda annoyed with this guy, and tells him to leave us alone or some such. As we're crossing the street, the bum's hollering something like, "listen to the whipped, telling me to go away!" or something ... I can't really remember, and I didn't really catch it, but it was funny and I was starting to get slightly worried he'd keep following us.

Fortunately, by the time that we came back out of the mall (after I grabbed some cash for a cab), he was gone. Eesh.

Moral of this story: Don't tell a bum "too late" when he tells you to go have sex. For some reason, it only upsets him, even if you're only doing it 'cause he was being stupid in the first place.

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