Today I am a tard.

First, I woke up too early. I thought I was working from 10-5:30, so I got up at 7. I didn't sleep well. As my folks were getting ready to leave, I realized that no, in fact, I don't work until 11:30; I could have had another 90 minutes of precious, precious sleep. Tard.

Second, I wore my fantastic ass pants, which are my pinstripe banker-type pants. As I was talking about how much I love these pants in front of one of the managers (the one that scares me), he said that I was actually out of dress code, and he wouldn't have noticed except that I called attention to my pants. He was laughing though, so I fear not being in trouble.

Third... well, so far, there be no third. Let's hope.

E was at his height of craziness today. He announced when I showed up this morning that he was pregnant with my child, so we were toying with various names for it. Apparently it's a little girl. I've suggested Siobhan (pronounced Shivan), and he's suggested Persephone. Both good, solid, unusual names. :)

Nothing terribly exciting happened today. I slept on the bus ride home, so I feel revived. I also, however, feel and smell somewhat... less perfumey than usual. I'm going to be fixing up some archives and such for the WB, then bathing and watching some Buffy before heading back out. I got my grad gifts from my aunt and grandfather today, so I now have a pretty necklace from my aunt. :) As well, I got paid today (and I get paid tomorrow), so I have to do some banking before it all gets spent. I like money. :)

Tomorrow perhaps will include tales of stupidity? We shall see. ;)

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