I don't quite have time to write much, so I will do the short version of the weekend:

Thursday night, hung out with E for awhile, as he was leaving for the weekend. He was grouchy at me for being late, but then warmed up. We wandered downtown, looked at some fountains, and I got some gelatto and a street hot dog. Yummy. :)

Friday, I worked, then had dinner with D at an Italian place near my work. I didn't finish my dinner, but it became lunch the next day, which is always good. From there, we went to a birthday party a friend of his was having, and I got to see a bunch of girls strip down to their underwear and dance together. Then I danced with them, but I kept my clothes on.

Saturday I worked, and it was busy. There was a non-stop stream of customers, and one of the ones I had was cross because something she wanted me to do was taking awhile. :P Bite me. *grrr* D was telling tales of the pizza guy, and not a half hour later, he showed up. Weirdness abounds in my life.

Saturday night was the party at Gord's place, which wound up being quite fun. I saw a bunch of people there I knew from various connections; high school, my neighbourhood/the animal hospital, people my sister went to school with who recognized me... more weirdness. I'm being stalked by my sister's schoolmates. :P

Anyhow, there was some drinking, then there was some grumbling on my part because of the complete and utter lack of toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom; Saturday night was one of those evenings whereby simply looking at alcohol made me have to pee. Oh yes, disclaimer: there will be tales of peeing in the following bit. Not graphic tales, but tales nonetheless.

So, I heard that there was a bathroom in the basement, containing toilet paper. I went to such bathroom and used it. Huzzah! There be extra rolls, so I took one -- intending initially to bring it upstairs. Then I realized, were I to do so, the roll would disappear in a matter of minutes. Better instead to hang onto the roll, and dole it out to those in need, when they requested it. And so the toilet paper thievery makes sense.

Well, the girls certainly understood; the men thought it was weird and funny. Men simply don't understand.

Stefan arrived and with him came illicit substances. A contingent of us wandered to the park, and there we enjoyed the illicit substances. I learned that I didn't know how to smoke properly, so I was learned how to do so, and did so fairly successfully.

I had to venture back to the house at one point for another pee break; I'd left the roll of toilet paper locked up in D's car, so I had to retrieve that at the same time. While there, I learned of an upset that one of the girls from the park was suffering, so I did what I could to talk to her, then when the boy in question came out of the house (after she'd gone in), I told him he needed to talk to her to fix things (that's the short version of it). He went back into the house in search of her -- or so I hoped.

I walked back to the park after this with a girl from my high school and her boyfriend (who went to school with my sister and was the first one to recognize me), and he said that I'd said everything that he wanted to, but couldn't for whatever reason. Made me feel good about stepping in where it wasn't my place. Hooray for drunken advice-giving. :)

We got back to the park and hung out there for awhile longer, then it was time to depart. I got to touch the boobs of another girl that I knew from high school, and she gave mine a squeeze. Hers were larger, but she said mine were impressive; I told her that it was likely the push-up bra, but she said she could feel what was behind it. Booyeah! :) She also gave me her number so that I could invite her to the man strip club when we go (I'm gathering a group of people), and the paper on which she wrote it said "for the strip club" -- so I'd remember why I had her number. :) D and I dropped Stefan off near his house, and then I got to go to bed. I was pretty tired and fairly wrecked. It was kinda funny; it took me about a bottle and a half of Smirnoff before I felt the effects of the alcohol, but when I did, it was like turning on a switch. :P :)

Sunday was some more hanging out with D and then more working. Work passed quickly, which was nice. On the way home I stopped in to say hi to E for awhile and give him the cookie I'd saved from my lunch. Drove home, then wound up on the computer until 4 a.m. Urgh. Stupid!

Now I'm up and this update is longer than I'd planned (but is not a 17-paragraph update about Buffy, thank you very much Shawn), and I have to shower and get off to work. I have mad plans to clean my room on my one day off this week, and I'm hoping to get some serious packaging and throwing out done. I'm working towards moving out soon, and that time looks like it's getting closer and closer. I have savings, I have employment, and I have stuff. I don't know if I still have a roommate or not, but I could potentially swing this on my own, if I found a good deal. If anyone wants to contribute vast amounts of funds to my moving out/paying off my debts accounts, feel free to let me know. ;)

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