New article posted at Whore's Boudoir. I'm a little concerned with the last few articles I've written; they just don't feel as good as some of the others I've written. *pout*

I've got an even more awesome idea for E's birthday, and it's actually workable, this one. He'll laugh, and it'll be cool.

My birthday, on the other hand, is coming up in less than two months. Urgh; I'll actually be 23. It's a champagne birthday for me -- 23 on the 23rd. It's also depressing. I haven't gotten anywhere for my age; I'm in debt, I don't make enough money to move out (as my mom loves to push home), I work two part-time jobs that don't pay enough, and I don't even really have anything prestigeous to say about what I do. Shawn, for example, is the manager of his store; that's pretty cool. Jay, well, Jay is just the man. I don't work out, I eat crap food, I'm lazy, I have no job prospects, my room is disgusting, and I don't want to start paying rent for the accomodations that I have, especially when it means that my mom is going to be breathing down my neck to do things like clean my room. A landlord doesn't do that stuff. :P

Argh. Argharghargharhg. There, I figured this blog needed a bit of angst in it. I received a complaint that my blog seemed too "happy" recently (air quotes are fun), so I thought I'd try to help out. Working retail is turning me into a seething little bundle of rage (yes, I said little -- make your short jokes). Yesterday, everyone seemed to be stupid and grabby. I had more people than usual taking their bags off of my side of the counter (a behaviour that annoys all of us -- that's our personal space), and I had one guy take my stapler so that he could staple his receipts together -- something I do anyhow if they just wait two seconds, as well as one lady actually tear her receipt from my printer. (!!!)

Wow, am I ever turning into Shawn with the emphasizing; except I'm using the italics tag, as opposed to his emphasis tag. Booyeah!

Anyhow, also had a woman in on Monday night who was being an absolute cunt, and she was annoying me. She was going on about how tired and grouchy she was because she'd driven for six hours... well, whoop-de-shit, ladybitch. My family annually drives 12+ hours to and from New Brunswick, and the first thing I don't do upon turning up in NB is go to a retail outlet and be a fucking cunt at someone. That makes me better than her, so she can eat my ass.

Oh yeah, feeling the rant there now. *flex* Anger making... Hulk mad! Hulk smash!

Sorry, I think I'm done. Urge to kill fading... fading...

Wow, I'm such a pop culture whore today. The heat is making me stupid, that's for sure.

Oh yeah, other news; I finished Harry Potter today. Finally! I would've been able to plow through it in one day if I'd had a whole day to set aside for it, but most of my reading was done on the bus, so no such luck. Anyways, I won't say too much about it, 'cause everyone seems to be respecting the fact that everyone else wants to enjoy the book; no one is giving away too many secrets on it. It's a shame that I knew in advance that someone was going to die, because then I found that I kept examining all the perilous situations that various characters were placed in and gauging whether or not I'd mind if they were killed.

I did find that it seemed as if... hrm. In a way that this book was intended as more fleshing out of the background story in preparation for book six or even seven, which will have to be action-filled. It's almost the literary equivalent of Matrix 2, except more enjoyable; I found that it seemed as if there wasn't anything major happening, in a sense... that it was all anticipatory. Unlike 1, which had the Philosopher's Stone issue, or 2, which was the Chamber of Secrets, this one had just vague dreams and people being against Harry and Dumbledore. I'm not disappointed with the book, for certain, but at the same time, it seemed as if the classes and such were very background to the exposition, which was much more at the forefront than in other books.

No matter, it was still quite good and sad. I think losing a close friend recently helped me get more sad about the death in the book, although I can be sensitive about that stuff anyhow. I will remind you all how retarded I was when I saw Star Trek: Nemesis, and had the one tear for Data's death. Yes, I will admit that I'm a loser. :P

Anyhow, too many long posts in a row and I'll lose all my dear readers. :) Time for me to do some work stuff or something... maybe I'll update Bibilophilage. :)

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