Updates aren't really going to be happening over the next little bit... at least not until Monday, maybe even Tuesday.

We left for New Brunswick around 5 in the morning on Wednesday. At the border crossing, the guard asked us what we were going to be doing -- Mom said we were going for a wedding and a funeral. He remarked that that was a rather unfortunate combination. When Dad and Kim drove through about twenty minutes later, the border guard told him how far behind us he was.

On the drive, we saw (alive): a deer, a wild turkey, a chipmunk, mini ponies (on someone's farm), a possible fox, and no moose, just moose warning signs. The drive was pretty uneventful, except for the bugs (black flies) swarming the rest stops, making me eat in the car, and the phone call I received in Bangor, Maine, from Jay, asking me if I might've been able to drive him to the airport. :) I don't know that I would've had access to a car anyhow, but it was still kinda funny. :)

Anyhow, we did some shopping in Maine; Mom was very proud of being able to buy five pairs of jeans at Filene's for a hundred and ten American. I was very proud of getting to eat Arby's; priorities are all over the place, as you can see. Kim and I ate at Arby's, then drove over to the Dexter shoe outlet where Mom and Dad were hanging out. I drove over the Interstate, as told, then saw a left turn signal approaching, so I got into the lane and made the turn... and promptly ended up on the Interstate heading south to Orono. Oops.

I drove to Orono (about three miles down), got off the Interstate, found the return one I wanted, then headed back for Dexter's. I claim that my getting on the Interstate was owing to a spider that I had on my arm -- it scared me.

Anyhow, had to do a screwy route to get to the Dexter's; wound up driving behind it and through a gravel road bedecked with giant potholes filled with water. When I say giant, I mean, giant. As in, the car when sideways to a fairly significant degree when I drove on the edge of some of them.

Nonetheless, we met up with Mom and Dad unscathed, the car fine, and off we went. Arrived at my Nanny's that evening and relaxed somewhat. I chatted with Mark (who'd called when we were somewhere in northern Maine) and later E on the phone (ouch, the phone bill that I can imagine on my poor cell), and Mom woke me up early this morning so I could go to MacAllister Place, as I had desired.

Nanny took Kim and I to the mall, and I got to do my annual shopping trip. Mom mentioned, and I thought about it and realized it was true -- trips to Nanny and Puppy's in the summertime are really the only time I do any clothes shopping. This trip, I was all in Reitman's, but that was partly due to a lack of time to do any real shopping. I got four skirts, two of which I can wear for work, and two new tops, neither of which I can wear to work. I also went through Music World and bought a few CDs, including the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack (hey, a double CD set for $16? I'll buy that!), and because I'm a loser and can't resist them, two books in Coles. The lady who processed my order mentioned she'd never been in a Chapters before. That struck me as slightly funny, just because I know how prevalent they are in other parts of the country, I tend to forget how they're not in other regions.

Anyhow, I forgot to mention the clerk at Filene's who processed Mom's order; she thought that our last name was French (it's very not), and she said she wanted to visit parts of Canada (she was originally from the south), but that she wanted to bring someone with her who spoke the language. Mom said that with her able to speak English, so long as she stayed out of certain parts of Quebec, she'd do just fine. Ontario has a limited amount of French-only regions, so she wouldn't really have any problems. Eesh. Americans. ;)

When Mom was telling Nanny this story, I had to provide the colour commentary; when she said that there weren't a lot of Francophones in Ontario, I said, sotto voce, "Yes, there are three. We know them by name; Jean, Claude, and Marie-Paul." Kim and Dad got a laugh out of it. :)

So, today was some shopping. We got back, hung out for a bit with my cousin until the folks and Puppy got back, then basically packed up the car and took off. Now, I'm in Nova Scotia. I'd like to send a shout-out to Jenn, whose hometown we passed by on the way to Halifax. :) We grabbed some dinner at the Wendy's in Sackville, N.B. (there's a Sackville, N.S. as well), where my family made fun of me for the way I was sleeping in the car.

Making fun of the way I sleep is a family tradition of sorts; I sleep with my eyes and my mouth open, and it is a source of great amusement for them. This time, it appears that my head was resting against the back of the seat (as opposed to against the window, partly 'cause I had headphones in and partly 'cause even when I kept waking up slightly -- usually when a new song began -- I still felt fairly comfortable), and kept rocking back and forth. Apparently this was quite amusing. :)

Anyhow, I'm being shooed out now; Mom and Dad have finished catching up for now with my aunt, my dad's sister, and we're off to visit Mike's family. They were at the church for the viewing this evening, or whatever it's called, and tomorrow afternoon is the funeral and reception, if that's the right word.

After that, we head back to SJ. Eesh... this is such a busy week -- bookended, for me at least, by weddings, it's also included a graduation and a funeral. Next week is my parent's 27th anniversary, Father's Day, coming up is Harry Potter Day at work... argh. E was telling me about the hours the store is going to keep that weekend... craziness! Fortunately, if I remember my schedule correctly, I'm only working Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday that week. Too bad I left my hours in my vest. :P

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