Urgh. Tired. Long day today; downtown for the second wax, then off to give E his birthday gift. Then waited for D to finish work, drove out to his place (after running errands and getting caught in the huge downpour) and hang around for the party. Help a tiny bit with the cleanup, then back downtown to E's place to meet with him. He didn't show up for nearly an hour; I think I dozed off at one point (which I was trying to do).

Digger woke me up about two minutes before my alarm today. Hard to realize how much I appreciate my parents waking up early and feeding him until he does something like that (they went to Montreal for the weekend).

Yesterday was work (also on not enough sleep), drive home, make dinner. Make the cookie dough (E's primary gift), drive out to get my sister and take her to her friend's party. Drive back home, eat some dinner. Drive downtown to get D; he calls and thought we were supposed to meet at the bus station nearest my house. Honestly can't remember what we'd agreed, but no matter, we met up five minutes later. Drive home, cut out cookies and bake them. Get a nice shoulder rub, then drive D home. Get back home, fart on computer for a bit. Get back downstairs, decorate cookies until nearly four a.m. Curse self for being stupid and procrastinating.

Friday night D and I (like how this is working in reverse?) made pasta, bought clothes at WalMart and played MiniPutt at the indoor black light place. My jeans were glowing as if I'd spilled something major on them, although for the life of me I can't recall what it might've been. The bands of my undies were also glowing when I hauled them out; hooray for white g-strings. The dogs on D's boxers were glowing when he raised his shirt, and that amused us both. He trounced me, which was to be expected -- I'm pretty awful at miniputt, and the black lights combined with the lack of coating on my glasses and my general lack of spatial awareness and overall suckage at miniputt pretty much guaranteed he'd win. :) I didn't mind -- he was really gracious about it and we didn't even tally the scores at the end. He helped me cheat on a few holes. :)

After that, we went to play a round of pool so that I could redeem myself, and we both thought for a bit that I was going to skunk him. He rallyed really well, though, and I wound up only beating him by one ball. I'm not fantastic at pool, and I play by only the most meagre of rules, given the choice, but I enjoy the odd game.

Anyhow, the party today was fun, as was embarrassing E at work. I brought in a helium balloon, a party hat, a card with a bumper sticker in it that said "I'm out like the fat girl in dodge ball" -- something E says all the time, although he uses kid rather than girl -- the cookies, decorated (very very very poorly) to look like action figures, as well as the giant penis cookie, which was D's idea -- and I found a pen at the It Store, where I got the card, that had a kangaroo on the top. When you push the buttons on the back of him, he punches, and when you press down to write, a light inside the thing flashes. It's apparently his favourite gift, although the penis-shaped water bottle he got is I think a tie or close second. Frankly, I just want to be there when he eats the penis cookie; I decorated it with red and blue veins and I coated the testicles with chocolate icing. I think I'm dirty, but frankly, I'm too tired to tell.

Anyways, tonight I may actually get more than five hours of sleep if I hurry up and go to bed. I haven't forgotten about the notes I left, I just haven't the energy/brain power to write them. This morning when I woke up, I sat and watched tv for forty minutes, some channels with my mouth agape, because I didn't have the energy/brain power to move. Tomorrow I'm hoping that won't be the case.

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