Got together with Shawn, Glord and E last night. Evening went fairly well; I'd say the highlight of it was either poking Shawn's nipples (always a great way to spend an evening), having Glord evaluate my meal as being vaginal (and his as being phallic), or having E, Glord and Shawn bond over how I tell stories. Yet somehow they did it by lying, 'cause I don't interrupt any of them nearly as much as they do me. Or if I do I acknowledge it and ask them to continue. So there.

We did a bit of shopping, and I managed to get a used DVD of George of the Jungle, so that makes me happy. Today I'm working both jobs and doing I doni't know what tonight, then making sure I get lots of sleep for tomorrow... Saturday I get to close, and Sunday I get to open (and work a combination of 13 hours between both jobs, with only an hour break in between). I suck.

I finished Dracula last night. Now I want to see Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, so I can complain about how they massacred the story, but E says he won't let me. We wound up watching about half of Monsters, Inc. last night before I left. I call him 'kitty' sometimes, the same way Boo does, 'cause he's furry.

I wound up having to take a cab home from the bus station, 'cause my folks had misunderstood me when I called about the car, my dad didn't want to pick me up, and I didn't want to wait a half hour for the bus that would take me about 40 minutes to be somewhere near to my house -- and my feet were killing me, so I couldn't walk. I was tired when I was on the way home, then I was wide awake when I was home. :P

I had a dream that I was getting a tattoo done on my left arm to match the one I had on my right arm, except that this one wasn't meant to match, and I went in with a bad drawing and pseudo-explanation, and the tattoo lady didn't ask where I wanted it (although she got it right) and wound up drawing something freestyle that was nothing like what I wanted. I was very sad in my dream, but it was very lightly drawn, so I was going to try to having it adapted into what I wanted.

Someone, analyze my dreams. :P :)

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