Okay, so I'm all about the quizzes today... this one just struck me as funny, especially question number eight:


Actually, you need 2 OR 3 boyfriends.

Yeah, you’re the wild, adventurous one.
Voted Most Likely To Have A Three-way by your sorority. And why not? Life’s too short to take it one cock at a time, right?
As long as nobody gets hurt, ain’t nothin’ wrong with it, no how. This does not, by any means, make you a slut.
In fact, if anyone ever calls you that, it’s only because they’re jealous.

Do You *Need* a Boyfriend?

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You are a Condom!

You love sex as much as the next guy or gurl...
But you tend to use your brain as well :-)
Eh... condom sex might not be the exact same as rough raw sex, But you have a better chance of staying child and diease free.
Cheers to you for having something besides hairspray on that head.

What Kind of Birth Control Are You?

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Yay, me:

oral master

You Are an Oral Master!

If going down were a class, you'd be an A+ student.
You've been known to do anything - from deep throat to ass licking.
Your oral can get almost anyone off...
Too bad you're not flex enough to try it on yourself!

How Oral Are *You*?

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And damn the lack of "all of the above" for at least one of the questions...
wild woman

You Are a Wild Woman!

Put down the whip and unlace those come-fuck-me boots!
You definitely qualify as kinky - and not just occasionally.
You've exhausted every fantasy, but you're always open to new ones.
Your sexual encounters are usually spiced with role-play, bondage, new positions,
props, and fun fetishes.
Are *You* Kinky? Click Here to Find Out!

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I'm off to do something other than quizzes. :)

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