*squeak* Yay, my book is finally shipping! I've been waiting for this book for -- quite literally -- ten years, and now it's shipping!

*dances around the room*

Booyeah! :)

I played my clarinet for a bit today. I'm proud; my embouchure is not nearly as loose as I'd thought it might be, although my muscles are fairly weak... I can't last nearly as long as I used to be able to. Ah well, maybe I'll get into practicing semi-regularly. Huh.

Anyhow, tomorrow is planning goodness for various people in the region. If you're up for joining in and haven't been contacted, feel free to call me; I'm thinking dinner somewhere west-endish, unless someone has a more exciting idea. :)

Off to send the email now and have a shower. Very tired. :(

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