Well, I survived without biting anyone's head off. I was pretty tired this morning, and it wasn't very busy, so I found it hard to have any energy whatsoever for the first part of the day; it just seemed to drag. :P

Around 2:30, 3 o'clock, though, the customer-traffic started to pick up a lot, so I was steadily busy for the remainder of the shift. On my lunch break, N, my favourite gay boyfriend in the world came up behind me and gave me some smooches on the temple and told me to, "Smile, sunshine!" He's so awesome, and he's kinda close to my height (5'7" to my 5'2"), so it's great to hug him. He's adorable, and he wants D to be gay. :)

Hung out with E after the shift ended. We grabbed some dinner at Subway, then headed over to his place to eat. He fiddled on the computer for a bit while I tried to nap, then we were off to watch "Simply Irresistible," an old Sarah Michelle Gellar movie, made during her first or possibly second (though I'm pretty sure it was first) season of Buffy (according to IMDB, it was released in 1999, so it's newer than we realized). It was pretty awful and incomprehensible, and neither of us could really bear to finish it. It's kind of a poor man's (read: American's) version of "Like Water for Chocolate," which is much, much better, though subtitled. Anyhow, we then put on Robin Hood: Men in Tights, which I hadn't seen in ages, and about half-way through I fell asleep and finally got my nap. I slept for probably about 20 minutes or so, but it felt good.

We hung out for awhile, then headed out to check out the fireworks. We'd walked about a block from E's place when they started, so we simply stood on the street corner and watched until they were done. Headed back to his place and hung out for awhile longer, then we headed off so I could catch the bus back to where I'd parked.

I got on a bus and managed to make it about a third of the way along. Someone was smoking nearby, which pisses me off, but it didn't seem to be for too long. I tried to call one of our security guards on his cell, who'd been hanging out with D earlier in the evening (and who kept calling me), but he wasn't picking up. I gave up on that and happened to glance down the length of the bus, to the back, when I noticed an arm and a shirt that I thought I recognized. I looked up and realized, "I know that hair!"

I made my way to about the middle of the bus and hollered at D twice, catching his attention the second time. He worked his way up towards me and I offered him a lift home, which he accepted. We compared notes on our respective evenings, and I commented on his state of inebriation. He was functional, but I could tell he was drunk -- especially the way he was harping about the bus smelling like shit when we debarked. Anyhow, we hung out for awhile in the park near his house, then I dropped him off and came home.

I also ran into the mother of two good friends of mine while at work, and that was cool. I learned one of them is in town right now, so I must call him up and chew him out for not having gotten in touch with me at Christmas time, when I saw his brother. *grrr* :)

All-in-all, not a half-bad day, especially considering what a crap ass Canada Day I had last year. I need to start looking at my finances and the potential for apartments, though; I really really really really really need to move out. *sigh* Really. Like, a lot. *sigh*

In the meantime, I'm off to bed. Digger's getting pretty impatient and I'm looking forward to many hours of blissful rest, that do not include a forced wake up in the morning. Not that I've been waking up to my alarm clock; I generally seem to wake up just before it, or Digger helps out. Damn cat. :) Maybe tomorrow night I'll finally get to clean my room and continue boxing things up for storage purposes. :P

Oh yes, and before I forget again: I also got an email for affiliate potential for Whore's Boudoir, which is pretty cool. I'd see 15% of any sales I refer to them, so I've filled out the form and I'm waiting to see what the catch happens to be. :)

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