I joined a gym today.

I have a bug bite on my elbow that's causing my elbow to ache and my entire arm to feel slightly less strong than it ought to. This, combined with everything else, is making me feel somewhat pathetic.

I had a stuffed pig set aside at work to buy for my aunt; E mentioned it to someone who mentioned it to a manager who then sold it. I wonder if they intend to replace it or order me a new one, or just say sorry?

I'm feeling a quiet kind of rage. Frustration, anger, that sort of thing. I copied out my diary entries into my diary notebook from my online notebook today. Revisiting it all ... feels weird. Especially since it's somewhat unresolved; at least, I seem to be waiting for him to just lose it and ask why I'm acting how I am. It probably won't happen, and I'll just carry around all this frustration and upset until it's faded away and I either feel hate or apathy, like with regards to the coworker.

My phone battery seemed to go from full to flat in the blink of an eye today. Perhaps gremlins were placing calls when I wasn't paying attention.

I have an article for Whore's Boudoir mostly written today. I have some more to add to it, but I think it'll be a good one. It's more academic or slightly ranty than it is informative or funny, but it's my column and my opinions, so I can write it as I please. :)

I feel sick. I think the bug bite's affected me in ways that are unpleasant. Why can't I have a cool allergy, like nuts or penicillin? Why do I get stuck with mosquito bites and dust?

As for the happy question... parts of me are and parts of me aren't. If you were wondering.

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