I was working on the search-a-word today, and the theme was plumbing. It included such gems as ballcock, petcock and nipple. I never knew plumbing was so sexual.

It's like I'm 12, I swear.

So today I got to do a bunch of grocery shopping, and I accidentally scammed the grocery store out of a half dozen eggs. Anyone for an omelet?

I also got a bit of unpacking done at the apartment and managed to get some small amount of the defrosting done. My hammer came in handy. :)

I got to play in the hardware store, picking up some assorted tools -- yes, including duct tape -- for my little apartment. Some guy in line ahead of me asked if I had a home project going on, and told me that he was in the midst of one. I was riveted.

Today at work someone called and asked if one of the shows I was running was pretaped, then told me several times that he was just wondering if it was pretaped because he was going to be seeing one of the guests later that night and wanted to know if it was pretaped (I'm not being redundant, I'm quoting; now repeat that several times). I was intrigued.

I also had a guy phone in during the bald men's show to tell me he didn't care much for rock and roll and that he thought the guys were kinda stuck in their youth, but that he felt that rock and roll had some gems, a lot of tolerable stuff, and a lot of junk. I was absorbed by his views.

Today is apparently 'tell Jen more than she needs to know and/or repeat yourself' day. When people call in, they feel the need to tell me their information or question several times; particularly when I tell them we already know or are covering it. That's when they repeat it and tell me why it was they were calling, several times. I swear I should just hang up. :P

I think I just need a respite from this night. Maybe a month off or something. :P :) I know Glorg or Shawn would be *thrilled* to do this shift. ;)

I'm really getting pleased with my apartment. I was able to stash all of my canned and cardboard goods under the sink, so while it might not be the best place for it, it's hidden away and it's less furniture to worry about. I have a great deal of my books out on one bookshelf, and I'll be able to fill another, I'm sure. I just need to get the bedroom sorted out and then I'll be near done.

I have the cable/internet guy showing up Tuesday morning, so I shouldn't be without access for long. :) I'm going to be increasing my cable package to include the upper level channels, and allow me to continue with my addiction to comedy channel and Sex and the City. :)

I'm also looking forward to getting back to the gym again. Now that I'll be downtown it'll be a much faster trek to get there. It's too bad that it seems less likely that my friends won't be going to the same gym, but it also means that they don't have to see me gross and sweaty and flushed.

At the dessert store yesterday with the crew, Jacob and I got chatting about gym habits and such. I feel so special to be part of this new clique. ;)

This lack of sleep and lack of sufficient eating is starting to really wear on me. The last few days I've noticed that I've been cranky a little bit more easily -- when I get really hungry or really tired, I tend to be ... well, cranky. That's why I did some dozing when we were watching Princess Bride last night, although Jacob and Shawn's constant barks of laughter made it tough to really sleep. ;) Inconsiderate bastards. ;)

Ah well... wish I had more exciting things to report, but I'm waiting until the job stuff feels more definite to say. I'm sure I could, but after one offer just up and disappeared on me, I'm feeling a bit more cautious -- although I did verbally accept, and they've announced my arrival at the office, so I guess it is real... bleh. I guess I'm just focusing more on the immediate stuff and getting used to feeling the apartment is mine (and not a place I'm merely house-sitting), that D is gone and that's over, and that the life I've known for the last months/years/decades (2 of 'em) is about to change. A lot.

Meghan was saying on her website that we're basically at the same place the American Pie/Wedding crew's been at -- when they graduated high school, so were we (kinda). When they were in university, so were we. Now it's time for someone to get married.

To be perfectly honest, of my friends who are my age -- 23 or 22 -- there is no one I can imagine getting married and settling down at this point. I can't think of anyone who is in a relationship that's ready for that, or of any people who are ready for that.

I have friends who are older, who have been together longer, and so on, who I can imagine getting married. Some of them have been -- Greg and Madeleine, S and N -- and others are possibly going to follow. They're older, they're more mature, they're ready. As much as I'd love to get married, I know at this age, I'm not ready for it. Give me a few years of grown-upedness (and I guess actually dating one person), and then we'll talk.

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