Just got back from the planny goodness, as I called it. Had a good collection of people out, and a few others that Ben brought along. Of the group that I invited, only three didn't show; Stefan and Matt D. 'cause they were out of town, and my girl friend E, who simply didn't respond. :)

Anyhow, overall the evening was cool. We went to Mexicali Rosa's, and Shawn managed to get some food that didn't cause his stomach to eat itself, which is always a plus. Glord, the lactose intolerant one, ate an ice cream dessert, which wasn't a plus. :)

I'm trying to figure out how to segue into this, but it just isn't happening. Basically, for some of us, a person that Ben brought along happened to put a bit of a damper on the evening. After dinner was over, a group of us sat and chatted and acted stupid for awhile, partly trying to figure things out, but overall didn't come to a satisfactory conclusion.

I sat towards the end of one table and chatted with Jacob, Glord, Shawn, and D for most of the evening. At one point, this particular person called down the table to me that he read my site and found it boring and repetitive. Then he said that sometimes it was okay, like when people commented. I shrugged it off; this is my journal, sometimes it's full of interesting tidbits (like when I talk about how Glord later saw my ass and underwear), and other times it's full of dull stuff, like when I list what I did over the weekend. I've never pretended this site was anything but crap, although occasionally I do post something I'm kinda proud of.

Anyhow, he bellowed down the table at one point and requested that I go sit up near that end to say hi and such. I sat next to Ben and across from Mark, telling the latter that he looked good with the weight he'd lost (a hundred pounds and counting! Eesh!). R, the somewhat obnoxious person, started out by asking me if I was worried about STDs; it appears that he was or is under the misconception that I'm rampantly bedding all and sundry. Or something; I'm not entirely sure what his point was.

The conversation moved into him and Mark quizzing me about my relationship with D; it's a difficult arrangement to explain, seeing as how he's not exactly my boyfriend, and while I do care for him, I'm also somewhat restraining myself from getting too emotionally involved, seeing as how he's leaving in four weeks. It's not a situation that lends itself too easily to explanations.

Something else that R mentioned annoyed me enough that I didn't feel like staying at that end of the table any longer, and I returned to my former seat. He also managed to cheese off Glord by saying that he 'was okay with Gord being gay' and that he 'had an uncle who was gay, and they thought he was okay.' Since this was the first time he had met Gord, this didn't exactly sit too well with many of us.

Now, I've met R on a few occasions, and I have to say, his behaviour tonight was right in line with any other time I've met him. He seems to glory in acting stupid and obnoxious, and I did call out to him at one point something to the effect of, "Who invited you? Because I know it wasn't me." Ben and he seem to get along great, but I've really never warmed up to the guy.

Angus mentioned that he seemed to be playing devil's advocate the entire evening, doing his best to be obnoxious to as many people as he possibly could. I do my best to give people several chances to be themselves; I try to avoid hating someone right off the bat. I give them several encounters before I decide whether or not I like them. Well, R has had several, and ... I can't say I'm a fan.

I did my best to ignore him all evening, and I have to say, I wasn't sad when he left. I was a little disappointed when Mark et al left, as I didn't have a chance to talk to them all night, but I hope they had a decent time. Everyone else seemed to, and it was certainly a pick on Jen evening -- between the incessant comments about sloppy vag, my apparent rampant promiscuity and need for extreme protection, seeing as how I put myself at risk of every STD ever known (what with all of the men I'm doing, I guess -- wish I knew who these guys were), and then the anal raping I later got from Gord, the flashing of my underwear to all and sundry... I suppose overall it wasn't a total loss of an evening.

We had good conversation later; Jacob, Shawn, Glord, D, Angus and I sat down in some grass and had a chat about the gay high school opening in the States, as well as the evening itself. Then there was discussion of differences in gay and hetero sex, or even male and female libido... it all kinda blurs, at this point. Somewhere during all of that I drew abs and a penis on Shawn's chest, beat up D a few times, flashed Gord my butt and got D to do the same thing, and had Gord comment on my underwear. There were a few lines during the couse of the evening that made me laugh hard enough that I thought I'd pee, but now I don't remember what they are. :)

Anyhow, must be off to bed. I have to work both jobs tomorrow, and who knows what the book store will bring, particularly in the realm of E. Urgh. Positive attitude, and total ignoration -- not that he'd notice. :) Oh yeah, gotta say -- I loved Gord's comments when he heard that E had broken up with me. He was imitating how my reaction should've gone -- "You're breaking up with me?" and then laughter. He was all about how the incredulous reaction should've been how I'd handled it, and that amused me, in a twisted sort of way. :)

Maybe tomorrow my book will arrive! Yay! :)

And finally... yes, Glord may have posted his update first, but mine's more comprehensive. So there. :P :)

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