Work yesterday was crazy long and busy. Urgh. I got called in early, so I was all exhausted and hadn't gotten near as much sleep as I'd've liked, and we were down one cashier, so that didn't help. I did 251 transactions, over 7k in gross sales, and sold 8 cards, which made my percent a whopping 1.8. Any other day, 8 cards would've been great, but whatever. It was mostly renewals, anyhow.

So that was that. After the second job, I met my folks at the apartment and they took some measurements for curtains and criticized it. I think my dad was somewhat disappointed in it; my mom seemed kinda okay. Either that, or she just didn't want to be critical in front of me. :) No matter -- I've seen a lot of places downtown, and uneven floors aren't really that big of a deal. At least my toilet works and everything else seems to be fairly sturdy. The front door is hard to close, but I'm hoping that when the weather cools that won't be as big of a deal. Once I get my crap moved in and decorate it to reflect that I live there, I think it'll be okay -- and anyhow, I can pretty much tough out anything for year. So long as friends drop by and keep me entertained, I'll be happy. :)

After that, drove over to Shawn's and I got to do some quick shopping at his store. There are some minor issues with one or two of the purchases, but nothing major; I have some ideas to do some modifications that might make it all work out okay. Got back to Shawn's and mucked about on the computer for a bit, before playing some StarCraft with Gord, who kindly handed my ass to me. I amused myself by flying my buildings around and hiding them in the midst of his base. :) It's been years since I've played.

Then it was home and bed and waking up to my phone at 3:30 but ignoring it because Digger was snuggling me and I didn't have the energy to go and answer it. Sorry D. ;)

Today is me working both jobs, although the shift at the bookstore is only 2 hours long -- got a staff meeting at the end of it. Hehe. :)

I also have to make some time in this week for some sorting through of my stuff, some major book shopping, as well as picking up the book that has been chosen for our book club, and back to IKEA for some other household thingys. Thursday is my day off, so I might get a bunch of this stuff done then, we'll see. Anyone want to join me? :)

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