And now, to make my life complete, I have a UTI. How the fuck did I get a UTI? Did I have sex recently when I wasn't paying attention?

Sorry about the comments I left -- they were meant to be funny, but obviously funny is falling so flat I can't even bear to witness it right now.

I'm confused about one of Shawn's comments, but since I'll be seeing him soonish for some ol' fashioned buggering and cheering up (not necessarily in that order), I'll ask him about them then.

This turn of events also leaves me with an abundance of toys that won't be seeing much use in the next little while. Bit of a pity, that is.

One of the nice things about friends is that in one minute, they can bring you to tears with their sympathy and understanding, then in the next make you laugh. You might not let go of the tears completely, but at least you get the laugh, and that's pretty awesome (i.e., Shawn, as well as Prospero).

From there... going to be attending a bunch of workshops through WritersFest; if anyone's all up ons with that, lemme know. Secondly, going to see Thirteen tomorrow night at 7 and then Underworld next Wednesday at an undetermined time and location. You know who to contact for information.

I had my belly dance class last night. I felt like a bit of a nard, showing up in jeans and having missed my class last week. I also felt kinda stiff and awkward through some of the moves, but I think I loosened up as the night went on. Combine that with the regular gym thing that I plan to start, and I'll be fucking hot and buff before anyone knows it. *flex* *shimmy* *flex* *hip slide*

Lookit me go.

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