I saw a funny sign on my way to work today. It was advertising a Mexican restaurant, and I don't think this was deliberate, but here it presents itself:

The best Mexican restaurant in town.
"You will like"

And that's how it was arranged. It amused me.

I got a fair bit done today, not that it's necessarily apparent. I got some ironing done and some clothes hung up. I got two loads of laundry done (must remember to get the second load out of the dryer when I get home). My dad was super-helpful in getting *all* of the ice out of my freezer -- apparently the chick who lived there before me (for 6 years, according to my landlord) had never done it.

I got my cart set up and my microwave re-installed, but not my toaster oven. I need to buy a power bar to accomodate all the plugs. I got my dishes done, but generated some more with my breakfast/lunch. No biggie.

I feel kinda tired, so hopefully getting to bed tonight won't be a *huge* problem. :P I met a few of the neighbours in the process of getting my laundry done, which was kinda fun. Didn't really chat with either of them, but it proves that there are boys who live around me, and not just girls. :)

Mike's wife/widow Theresa has been in town the last little while, visiting and staying with my folks and two of her daughters. Mom was telling me that Theresa was doing a bunch of things here that she was afraid of doing and whatnot, and missing Mike. While my mom was telling me these stories, I was just struck suddenly with how much I love my parents and how wonderful they've been for me over the years.

Absolutely, I have my problems with them. But on the whole? They've been pretty awesome to me, and I really appreciate all of the help they've given me with getting set up, at the very very least. My whole family has drawn together -- my mom's mom made me a bunch of curtains and sent up some laundry baskets, towels and a few other decorative touches. My dad's sister is sending up some towels and bedding at some point. My parents have bought me so much for my dwelling, and have spent lots of time finding me other things and taking me on shopping expeditions. Even Theresa apparently bought me a gift -- a George Foreman-type grill for the place.

I guess we're borrowing from the Amish tradition of barn-raising. The whole village has chipped in. :)

Anyhow, I just was struck by how much my parents care for me, spending time cutting wood to prop my fridge and stove up (although we left the stove alone and propped up other things, instead, like my bed -- now I will roll towards the wall at night). All it takes is one little laughing comment about how I think I'll fall out of bed at night, and my dad's ready to prop my bed for me. It's awesome and sweet.

At the same time, I've been feeling a bit lonely. I've had my folks over more than anyone else, I think. Admittedly, my place isn't much of one for big gatherings, and I haven't got the place really cleaned up... nor have I had much time in the evenings to hang with my homies, but I just hope that once my schedule balances a bit better, I'll be all over the entertaining.

Heather has already told me that I have to call her on Mondays and Fridays, when she doesn't have class or work. I do have my dance class on Mondays, but I'm sure I'll make the effort to hang out with her whenever possible. I know once Shawn, Glorg and Jacob get moved into their place, the group of us will be shuffling back and forth on a fairly regular basis. Maybe we can even persude Ben or Mark to come out once in awhile! We can always dream, eh? :)

I have tentative future plans, too. I figure that if I pass the competition after 6 months on this job, I'll likely start looking for a new place, maybe see if I can get out of my lease. It wouldn't cost me too much more to get a bigger place -- I'm sure I could get something with a fair bit of space for only a hundred, hundred and fifty more a month, which I could certainly afford.

I also have my mini wish list of technological gadgets I'd like to get in the next little while. There's the digital camera, the webcam (probably my next acquisition, since it's the cheapest), and the DVD player. It'd just be nice to watch my DVDs on my television, instead of my computer. More friend-friendly, too. :)

Ah well... once the bookstore job is over, things'll get more smooth for me. The gym thing can be ironed out, the dance classes will continue, and I'll settle into my boring little routine. :)

Isn't this exciting to read? :)

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