I'd write about tonight's activities, but I'm just wiped. Instead, have some notes:

* Demonic acidic jizz
* "Thank you, Demon Jizzmaster."
* "Your parents gave you the middle name Eiram?!"
* The pronounciation of "Jason"
* The pronounciation of *.wav and *.gif
* Schlong and schlonger (note to self, remember that for a future Whore's Boudoir article

I went to check my watch at one point today and noticed that it had stopped at 9:40 -- so I kept making jokes about how "This is the kind of conversation you get out of me at 20 to 10 at night." Rather, we left sometime around 20 to 3 in the morning. I'm tired, and although I slept decently last night, waking up with charley horses is total ass.

I always find that I wake up with the urge to stretch my legs, and the minute I do, the charley horse is just there waiting to go, "Haha, fuck you!" The second time that it happened, I was kinda apathetic to the pain -- it still hurt, but I just didn't seem to care the same way.

Oh yes, and remember to tell D about French D and N's comments (from the bookstore), as well as explain the, "That's not what Thanksgiving is about!" comment, again made by N. He's such a cutie. :)

For now, however, I'm off to bed. Thanks to Matt for the comments he made to me through ICQ. What can I say? Sometimes I just get the urge to write or the need to get something off my chest, and I just do my best to get it all out. Some rants write themselves. :)

Tomorrow's list, if possible:
* Get to the hardware store (remember why later... oh yeah, grocery cart)
* Groceries
* Appointment at 3:30
* Work after that (like I'd forget :P)
* Clean up apartment if possible
* Try to nap, if possible
* Laundry, if around long enough
* Put away clothes?
* Make bed

I'm sure I won't be sleeping in as late as I'd like. :P The advantage to having the laundry as part of my building (and locked up) is that I don't feel bad about leaving it for a few or more hours if necessary.

Anyhow, sleep. This is boring posting. :)

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