I've been told that I suppress my feelings and such. Last night, Prospero told me I wear my heart on my sleeve. I think I'm more towards his end of things, but some friends disagree. Fair enough.

My question is, what am I supposed to do in order to move on? I mean, some people expected me to be sleeping with someone new within a week of D's departure. Kinda impressive, that.

Things ended ended last night. Sure, they ended when he left, but they didn't. Or at least, I felt there were still hanging around, so I let myself stay attached. After our conversation the night before though, I spent much of today just feeling like ass, basically, and then last night kinda unloaded it, I guess.

I compared us to the situation I was in with my ex-, where I was being used for sex (or he was trying to do as much), and asked how it was different from this situation.

I seem to have stalled here. I think I really just need to pay more attention when someone says, "It's over." I need to lose that hope that things might change. That hope is just killer.

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