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I spent today spending money. This is good and bad. I bought a bunch more CDs, only one of which was $18.99 -- all the others were $10.99, so that's not so bad. :) I also spent a *whackload* of money at my favourite trashy lingerie store. *sigh* How many corsets is too many?

Today at work was early-morning training, then a communication-oriented meeting. It was funny at the meeting; I kept thinking about how I've been trained to put on these kinds of things. :P We got to build Lego toys and throw a tennis ball around, so that was entertaining.

I also had a great conversation during the lunch hour with a few of my coworkers about religion and religious vs. personal beliefs. Not the kind of talk I expected to have, but at least it was something I enjoyed and could speak about with some form of authority.

Anyhow, after having my nap and doing some very minor cleaning about the apartment, I chatted with an old friend and we geeked out *majorly*. Much talk of Buffy and shared author interests, and it felt really good. Every now and then it's nice to talk to someone who shares your interests, and doesn't ridicule them. :P :)

Tomorrow is massive WritersFest event-taking in (hopefully), and maybe some other plans. At this point, it's up in the air. Saturday is the


at which I must make a command performance. :) All who are around must also attend. That's an order.

For now, I'm off. Stupid early mornings. *sigh* At least they make me appreciate my weekends. :P

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