Ouaf. Longish day today.

I went to work, took a longer lunch than intended, but I got to chill with Ben, so it was all good. Came home and did a hard crash on the couch for about 90 minutes, to be awoken by a friend who is going to be attending WritersFest events with me tomorrow.

I got up, had some snacks and watched an episode of Angel, and then headed on over to the Writers Life panel that I was interested in seeing. The moderator/emcee was rather awful, but the authors were kinda cool. One of them in particular I liked, so I picked up her book. And two others from different authors that I didn't see but that looked interesting.

Yes, I don't have enough reading material as it is. *sigh* I thought once I got out of school I'd have more time to read, but rather it seems to be the exact opposite. :P

Anyhow, I walked back home, and just took my time to enjoy the sights. It was a little cool out, but nice for walking, and I paused occasionally and looked at the lights and reflected on how this is my city, and I'm a part of it, in a minor way.

I had so many thoughts and things I wanted to write about, buzzing around in my head, and yet when I came home I didn't sit down and write. Instead, I started some laundry, intending to do that while making dinner... but got caught up in putting things away. I got a lot done, although it wouldn't look it to anyone else. There's still a lot to be done, but I feel as though I've accomplished much.

I realized that taking self-portrait-type pictures with a webcam is challenging and frustrating at best. The lighting in here is poor, my arms aren't entirely long enough, and the picture quality itself isn't that great. I was hoping to use an image or two in an upcoming Whore's Boudoir article, but I'd feel embarrased putting such poor quality images up. I might see if I can borrow Shawn's camera, if he'll let me.

I finally unpacked all of my toys (well, 99% of them), and I realized that I have a lot of them. It's almost embarrasing. Mentally, I seem to feel that there's a point whereby a single woman with a large toy collection crosses over from "in touch with her sexuality and cool" to "kinda sad." It's also frustrating having clothing or toys that I don't see getting any use in the foreseable future, and I just do my best not to think of the vast financial investment those items represent.

I had some fun trying on a few things, but there's a distinct lack of mirrors in my apartment -- hence the experimentation with the webcam. Maybe because I wasn't seeing myself full-length, but I realized that there are a few "looks" I could conceivably pull off; I might not look so ridiculous in this one skirt/halter top combination that I have, for example. Mind you, it depends on the guy's perspective, but believing I look sexy is the right start.

Now I just have to achieve that. :)

What else did I want to write about? This is what happens when I don't write for awhile, or when I'm busy or whatnot -- the things I did want to say just run out of my head. This is why I carry at least one notebook on me at all times, and why I talk a lot. ;) If I talk a lot, then I think maybe someone else will remember what it was I was saying, and the onus isn't just on me. Yeah, that's my excuse.

My brain has apparently simply up and died on me, seeing as how I am sitting here without any typing going on, just staring at a blank screen. I apologize to all of those who were expecting hot writings from me, but they just aren't happening.

I did have an amusing moment involving a warm apartment, a half-lack of clothes, a former coworker and a video conference that activated my cam, but it was all good and shirts were obtained, cams turned to the wall and no nudity was even remotely seen. Fortunately for everyone involved.

Ah well. I think I'm just going to head off to bed, really. Maybe get some reading time in and some decent amount of rest, for a change. Tomorrow's going to be busy, running around to 'fest events and trying to jump in on the estrofest -- the girls' weekend. I'm not sure how that's going to work, and I'm hoping I might have some mad plans tomorrow night, but who knows? At the very least, I'll be busy. :)

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