Weird feeling... I want desperately to write, to the point where I am planning to spend a large chunk of tomorrow doing such, yet I don't (at the moment) want to sit down and update this... and this is where I usually turn to when I want to write. Hrm.

Anyhow, although I kinda assumed it went without saying, I've signed on board again for NaNoWriMo. I think I might kinda sorta not really have some ideas for it this year, and hopefully the lack of official school committment will mean that I will have more time and more available muse to carry it through. Last year November turned into a busy month, if I remember correctly.

So, I seem to have sorted out my uncertain situation. Still some discourteousness involved (at least, from my perspective), but what can I do? Not much, s'all good.

I will update this site more fully tomorrow; at the very least, provide a run-down of the social week and some random thoughts and such. For now though, I'm carting myself off to bed -- something I'd originally said I was going to do an hour ago.

And yes Shawn, this is now going to look like I updated my site fifteen billion times tomorrow, 'cause I'm posting after midnight on Friday night. :)

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