Okay, shorter post: saw the Looney Tunes movie with Ben tonight and I enjoyed it. Lots of in-jokes for people who watch both new and especially old cartoons, which I appreciated.

Went into the bookstore and saw E -- he actually waited on Ben, and E and I chatted a bit at the till. Surprisingly less awkward than I would've thought (although I think Ben was a good buffer), so I finally got up the balls to email him and send him my apologies tonight. We'll see if anything comes of it.

Work was decent, had stuff to do, so that was a nice change. It's a weird kind of different busy than I'm used to. It may not seem or look like much, but there can be a lot there. I guess I'm adapting or something. :P

Otherwise, not too much. I spent a bunch of money on craft stuff at Lewiscraft, so the next few nights might be occupied with that kind of thing, unless I get random phone calls that tell me someone's coming over to drag me off somewhere. :)

Anyhow, tomorrow's the gym and I didn't nap tonight, so I gotta get my butt to bed. Such an exciting life, I just don't know I can stand it. ;)

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