Okay, so I may have done something totally uninvited, but I had to. A friend of my sister's got dumped by her boyfriend, and while personally I think it's a good thing for her, I know it doesn't feel like it to her right now. So... I emailed her and told her that she deserves better, that she's a good person and well-liked, and that if she wanted to talk to someone unbiased (well, non-judgemental), then she's welcome to email me. I feel bad for reading her blog without her knowledge, but at the same time, the argument's been made time and time again, if you post things online, you can't get upset at who reads your stuff.

Like, I know that a guy I was friends with in high school could be reading my site. He also dated my sister, so he could have passed her the link. I don't know for sure that either has happened, and I would prefer it if it didn't, but it's not within my control, and it's not necessarily something that I would request, either. I make a choice when I post to here, and that choice states that people who I might not want to read my site, could. *shrug* So that means I either tailor my content with that understanding, or I start up other sites to hide my content, or I just live with the consequences.

And if I want to bitch and moan about someone, then I don't give them the link. ;) Which is something I often think about/realize in hindsight -- like, "Damn, I can't complain about (insert name here) unless I make it so vague that it's no longer really a complaint about them, 'cause they read my site." Again, choice I make.

That all said and done... I'm still not sleeping well, and it's frustrating me. I'm going to *try* tonight to not nap, but I'm not sure how likely a prospect it'll be. I do have a few hours of television taped (Gilmour Girls and Angel), and I want to watch C.S.I. tonight, as well as do dishes... so hopefully that'll keep me busy. If it's really good t.v., then I won't fall asleep, although my couch is lined with poppies or something, I swear. :)

I also have to get some more writing done on the Novel. As I said before, I'm relatively pleased with what I've written so far, but I do have to continue with it and see how it goes. I don't know how the funny quite made it in there, but if I can keep that up, I'll be happy. I usually can't write or deliberately be funny; it's usually in response to someone else, or something I read (which logically would also be someone else, as few computers are generating their own comments out of thin air to which I can respond [and here is where Ben will submit a plethora of links, I'm certain :)]).

Glorg and Shawn are hosting a NaNoWriMo day on Saturday, and my goal at this point is to get up early, go to the gym and do a class, then head over there, depending on what time things are supposed to go down. I will bring my notebook and hopefully be able to monopolize Shawn's laptop at times; sometimes I write best while in front of a keyboard, othertimes I require the feeling of a pen in my hands and a notebook underneath it. We shall have to see which way the muse is running that.

Speaking of muses (well, this one is a sorta-muse), I can't seem to find my dirty pendant. Admittedly, I haven't looked *that* hard for it, but I hope it's in one of the bags/boxes that are abundant about my place. If not, then it's still at the houes or Mom may have thrown it out, which would be sad. :(

Erm. Or I could be stupid and completely forget what my schedule is (she said, completely disregarding the lack of proper flow in her update). Tonight is the gym, which I hadn't forgotten, but I'm also heading out to the homestead afterwards, which periodically slips my mind, or so it seems. Gotta give Mom some passes to a craft show that I got for her, so it means that I'll more than likely pass out on the bus ride home. Ah well, good intentions. :)

On the plus side, I get to have some mad cuddle time in with Digger and Shadow (if she wants it). Last weekend I borrowed the car for a party Saturday night and spent the night at the house. The cats enjoyed having someone to snuggle up to at night, and they kept my legs warm. :) Then on Sunday, while I was waiting for Mom to wake up for her nap, I filled some time using her computer before heading over to the couch to lie down and see if there was anything good on the tube. While en route, my bracelets clicked together and Digger awoke from where he was sleeping in Mom's chair. He let me know I'd woken him up with a little chirp, then once I'd settled down, he emitted another kitty peep.

He came over and started kneading his paws on the blanket near my feet, occasionally peeping for me to rub his head or something. To do so required some movement on my part (which wasn't altogether comfortable, considering my position and the fact that my gym visit the day before was making itself known), and after awhile I think he got fed up and decided to move in closer.

He moved up towards my chest and didn't quite settle there; he was more pacing back and forth for about a half hour while I rubbed his head, ears and body. Finally, I got him to settle down and he went to sleep, snuggled up against my chest with me. Is it obvious that I love this cat? The really neat thing was that when Mom came downstairs, he didn't budge -- it used to be he'd wake up and jump down, but this time, I don't even remember if he raised his head. Digger's just awesome, he really is.

That's not to say that Shadow isn't equally awesome/entertaining, it's just that that weekend/afternoon was all about Digger love. :)

Also, for those of you playing the home version of our game, no reaction to the mystery post. Don't know if it's a deliberate snub, or just an "I didn't know about it" oversight, so I'm not going to get too het up about it at the moment. I might make a phone call or something later, but I need to get my schedule cleared up (and my hormones in check) before I do.

I spent some time hanging out with my friend K from work, yesterday. We always have fun chatting, and he told me I smelled nice. :) We were talking about piercings -- he recently upgauged his lobes and we compared tragus notes and I talked about the anti-tragus. I told him of my other two piercings, and I found out I hadn't told him about them before (although I would've sworn I had). Then later there was some joke or another made and I said I became attractive to him when he learned of the piercings (or did I say when he noticed my perfume?), and he said that no, that wasn't when. So then I was trying to bug him and get him to tell me when, but no such luck. Ah well. :) Conversations with him always run long, and that's cool, he's fun people to talk to. :)

Anyhow, got some work to do now, so I should head off on this for now. I'm sure I'll write more later. :)

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