I have a new toy.

Oh yes. It is mine, and it is good. I was playing with it yesterday, taking pictures of nothing and making short little movies -- with audio! -- of my friends. Life is good. :)

Shawn also redeemed himself as my friend by accompanying me on my quest for the camera, and having patience with my poor constitution, left over from my dread disease or something. I *will* force my body into accepting food, whether it likes it or not!

Once I get through my work day today, it's all fun and parties and socializing for a few days. I'm getting together with Jay (and a potential crew) tonight, then there's a party tomorrow night, then another party on Saturday, and I'm on vacation in between. Admittedly, I have a bunch of things I have to do, but aside from that, it's relaxing and trying to shake the remnants of the whatever I've had -- either a really wicked cold, the flu, or bronchitis (as diagnosed by my coworker yesterday).

Gord made a super-awesome dinner for a few of us last night, thrown together and invented out of I'm not sure what, but it was quite tasty. Love for Gord!

We also discussed all of us moving our sites to another kind of hosting that Gord's going to set up, and we've picked out our domain names for the sites. I'm not going to post mine here yet, 'cause the purchasing isn't complete (Gord's going to buy them from work today), but I've got some fun ones picked out, for sure. :) Plus, Ben is looking after scripts to move all of my old archives and comments to whatever new system I wind up using (I think they're pushing Blosxom at this point), so that's all good, too. :)

Today I get to run around and return things (well, hopefully return things), get my contacts, pay a bill (remember to pay it!), get my paycheque (to make up for all the money I spent yesterday), and attempt once again to contact my landlord to pay rent. Two months at a time, that's going to hurt. *sigh* Stupid landlord.

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